My Speaking Series

what life is made ofHave you ever wondered how meaningful work comes to us, how to recognize it when it does, and what to do with it going forward?

My Speaking Series is a conversation about this exact thing; how to engage meaningful work and experience deep satisfactions.

The second Tuesday of each and every Month (except for the July and August months) will have us gathered in Surrey BC, for tangible strategic how-to’s, inner discussions of heart and soul, as well as inspirational examples that will motivate you forward.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013, SUCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE

No matter the life you have lived, you have experiences and saavy that must be passed on to others. Success to Significance is about how to leverage your life into satisfactions you never dreamed possible.

Tuesday, February 12th 2013, TRIBAL THINKING

We live in language, our words describe our viewpoints, our expectations, our hopes and our dreams. We also find that we can change our lives by changing our language. Inspired by the bestselling book Tribal Leadership, this is one conversation you don’t want to miss.

Tuesday, March 12th 2013, SHOWING UP

The power of showing up is greater than we think. Routinely discounting our own gifts and influence we tend to hold back. Come and be inspired, not to be great or flashy or fantastic necessarily, but to simply Show Up! Your life will be changed.

“Cyndy is one of the most authentic and powerful people I know. She has a way of creating a safe space for people to be themselves without judgement. Every time I’ve worked with her or interacted I’ve had the experience of coming away empowered and encouraged. She has learned how to take her life’s difficulties and experiences and use them for others’ good. She remains an example to me of how to leverage your life -no matter what happens to you. Her commitment to learning and growing inspire me to be my best and to reach further than I usually would! If you are considering working with her -do yourself a big favour and DON’T WAIT!”

George Watson, CBC, Business Coach Divisional Manager

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Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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