This month at Capturing Courage we are focusing on fundraising.

While there is the work at home that brings a price, there is the work abroad that doesn’t. This overseas work requires the support of folks like yourself.

Each day there are emails and phone calls and text messages from lay-leaders and pastors, bishops and evangelists from around the world.

With simple encouragements we are extending our hands and hearts in fellowship. We gather in prayer together for the work, the people, and the pastors themselves.

Almost weekly there is a new contact and invitation and collaboration.

Monthly I send out Capturing God’s Heart. It is a simple topic Bible study that is finding much favor and is being multiplied out and about.

We have a number of Pastors that are printing these off and teaching them to their own congregations as well as sending them farther into the villages.

We send one God’s Heart to one Pastor and it in fact reaches hundreds of people.

Behind the scenes we are working to bring Bibles to some. Yet our most pressing project at this time is the work of preparing and making available our Spiritual Authority course for overseas leaders.

We continue to receive requests for Spiritual Authority overseas. Here in Canada we are in the midst of running the course with good success. We simply want to make the same available to those around the world.

Your contribution would support the time it will take to prepare the material.

If this need resonates with you in any way we ask that you prayerfully consider making a financial contribution, either a one-time gift or a monthly amount.

Contact Me to make your donation today.

ALSO: Please keep Pastor Edward in your prayers today. His wife Fiona is due for surgery on Friday. She is in chronic pain and though the surgery is to relieve this, they are concerned about the money required.

Pray for full healing and for full funding – simply that God would powerfully move in their lives this week. Thank-You and bless you today!

Published by

Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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