He Will Exult

“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

Grace Requirements

Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that you could work harder on your stuff.

That is religion. It is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But for many of us, we like working on our stuff. It gives us a sense of control and pride. We are still in charge and we can feel good about our effort.

But we miss out on Christ. And in our self-effort we become harsh taskmasters of others. “Shouldn’t they be working as hard as I?”

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Honoring our Men

My journey of ministering to men has been an interesting one to say the least.

It was during my journey of dealing with, healing through, and recovering from sexual abuse that my heart found the Lord’s compassion for men.

While it was difficult, it was not impossible for me to forgive my perpetrators. On the other hand, I came to see how difficult it would be to be a perpetrator and to find freedom and healing.

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Mutual Submission

It was my first trip to Uganda. I was part of a three-days Pastor’s Conference and was bringing the morning and afternoon training. And each day the same Ugandan Pastor would finish off the day with what we call in the west, a holy-rolling spiritual encounter (to the extreme).

It wasn’t really my style. I didn’t even understand it all the way. There were mixed messages, parts that made sense to me, then parts that made no sense at all. Yet I was determined to learn and simply waited on the Lord to explain the elements of which I was unsure.

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I am always struck by the story in Mark 14 of the woman anointing Jesus’ feet.

Now I have anointed people. Quite regularly the Spirit leads me to place my hands on someone, often a client I am working with, a Pastor overseas whom I’ve been ministering alongside, or a fellow prophet here at home, and I know the ‘work’ of anointing.

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Thank God

Coming through Easter it is incumbent upon us to get it that Christ came to decriminalize our lives.

We must understand that his ‘covering’ of us is complete and really see how this changes the entire conversation.

In a prayer ministry setting as I facilitate a person to a full realization of sin and offense and repentance, the process is always softened by the simple fact (and grace) that outside of the knowledge of Jesus Christ all of our decisions about how life works, make sense.

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One Who Honors

“Hold spaces of honor.

For men, for women, for children, for the elderly.

Make room in your life to invest and care and pour into others.

And you will find deep honor coming back your way.

Honor and your will be honored.”

From my book THOUGHTS – Taking One Day at a Time, April 1st entry.

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