The Wall

Most of the time it is best to be cooperative and as accommodating as we can be.

But there are other times when we need to be the wall.

The Wall is the backbone of our non-negotiables, but even more so, the pushing at us from others, that neither benefits them or us.

There are many things that we are better off without. And when it is unwise to be cooperative or accommodating, simply imagine yourself as The Wall.

Be the wall.

Where might you be of service today by being the wall?


‘Without a vision the people perish’

What can you see, and what can you not see?

Making things happen is all about having a picture, a vision and a goal.

If we can’t see it, we can’t make it happen. If we can’t envision it, it won’t come to be.

And if you can’t see on your own, gather others around you who will help you see.

Your life depends on it.


Waiting has got to be one of the most difficult things in life. In our fast-baked culture we want speed, and have lost the ability to pause and to rest in the wait.

But it is here in the wait, that we learn a ‘rest’ over our souls that cannot come in the hurry.

There are lessons in the wait that cannot be learned in activity.

If ‘waiting’ is your current season, know that this is the time for deep personal infrastructure to be strengthened and solidified.

Hurry can’t accomplish this work.


Reaching forward has us stretching beyond our present capacity.

Just like lifting weights at the gym, new strengths come only as old muscle is broken down and replaced with new muscle.

Where do you need new muscle today?

Don’t be afraid to let the old break down, its the only way to new strength, and increased capacity.


Every day has new things, new perspectives, and new strengths.

This day is perfect for your strengthening,

Perfect for perspectives of comfort and understanding beyond what you have known,

And those new things – may they bless your socks off –

Watch for these today.


Change, progress, forward movement doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

We are unable to shift and leverage into the new, all on our own.

It takes others around us, the voices of many speaking into our lives, encouraging us, blessing us.

If you are feeling discouraged, or stuck, confounded and demotivated, it is probably time for a few good conversations with those who have your back and are invested in you.

The impact of others in our lives cannot be underestimated. Don’t try to do life on your own. Invest in and receive from others. It’ll do you a world of good.

Great Beauty

Each and every one of us bring something of great beauty simply in who we are.

But in order for it to show we must participate in an unveiling of sorts.

Where we put aside the risk of ‘exposure’ for the joy of mutual blessing.

Where we step out of self-protection and put it on the line in service to others.

Only then, does the great beauty of you, make the impact it is meant to make.