The Best Thing?

Life doesn’t always go as planned.

And when things aren’t what we expect, our ‘buttons’ are often pushed, old lies surface and default make-shift solutions come to the fore.

Head into all these things straight on, slaying them left and right, allowing none to stand.

Everyone is not out to get you. God doesn’t hate you. And no, this is not punishment for something from your eighth grade year.

Take a breath, push the pause button for a bit, step back, look at the big picture, say ‘no’ to the lies, and ask yourself, “How might this be the best thing that ever happened to me?”


Every single one of us has full opportunity to make ourselves invaluable.

Where we work, where we volunteer, in our families and our homes; how might you be invaluable today?

What would it take?

What is one shift you might make to become invaluable to those around you?

Invaluable, we make a difference every where we go.

Our lives are changed, and so are others.


What are you thankful for today?

Gratitude grounds us in strength and motivates us forward.

Make habits of gratitude each and every day.

  • Five things you loved today
  • Three things you are expecting tomorrow
  • Two people who blessed you this week

Gratitude stretches our hearts and eases in happy expectations.

The rest begins to fall into place.


The journey’s of our lives are well planned sequences of growth and development.

How much of your life can you reflect on and see the ebb and flow as a valuable journey that has contributed to your inner strength?

While we don’t understand it all, and some of it certainly don’t like, if we take a step back, open up the lens on our life, we will see that it is not quite so random as we might have thought.

Embracing the journey past, enables us to embrace the journey forward; trusting the process of our days frees us to relish in the process of our days.


Waiting: It seems to take forever.

Yet there are a good many things we can do in the waiting.

How might we prepare for what is to come?

What might we invest in while we wait?

Are there any specifics to focus on while we have the time?

Who shall we journey alongside during this time?

Use the waiting in your life as a leverage to the things you’ve always wanted and imagined.

Chopping Block

While difficulties press on us, flatten us out for a time, and always seem to draw from us more than we have to give, they also pave the way for the new and the better.

Through the valley’s of ‘death’, when it seems all is on the chopping block, are actually opportunities in disguise.

We just have to hang through the hardship, embrace the process, and grieve the losses.

In this, we are then prepared to take on the new, go after fresh visions, and we will look back one day, as see, that we were changed for the better.

We grew, acquired new perspectives, had our hearts opened in new ways, and if we had our choice, wouldn’t go back to who we were before.

It is a process to be sure. And while certainly not a nice process, always a good one.