I challenged someone to stop dating for a time.

Working on some inner healing and looking for a new way of doing life, this person would do well to set aside a time just for the Lord.

A fasting of sorts.

Now fasts come in all shapes and sizes.

Fasts are not about law, but about relationship.

“How might we purpose ourselves closer to God’s heart this day?” is the question a fast asks.

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Gifts of Repentance

Early last year I was heading back to Uganda for a five week journey to a dozen communities. My heart and mind were thick into preparation, spiritual readiness, anticipation and leaning into what the Spirit might have me bringing that trip.

While my own thoughts were focused on freedom, the freedom to have emotional health in the midst of turmoil, the freedom to commune with God despite our circumstances, and more, the Spirit reminded me that I must not leave repentance out of the mix.

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A Small Revolution

I’m at a bit of a conundrum. My youngest daughter has viral meningitis this week,and so we are camped in the living room with plenty of liquids and movies and quiet.

I love sick weeks.

There is something about them that has always warmed my heart. Even as a child I loved nothing more than being sick, snuggled in my bed, hunkered down for a time. Sickness to me signals comfort and cozy.

As an adult, it is a choice opportunity to turn off every dial, put aside the normal hustle and bustle of life, and just rest, and be quiet. Even last year when I was deathly ill with Malaria, even then I simply felt comfort and quiet deep in my soul.

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Honoring our Men

My journey of ministering to men has been an interesting one to say the least.

It was during my journey of dealing with, healing through, and recovering from sexual abuse that my heart found the Lord’s compassion for men.

While it was difficult, it was not impossible for me to forgive my perpetrators. On the other hand, I came to see how difficult it would be to be a perpetrator and to find freedom and healing.

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Intimacy with God

Growing an intimate daily relationship with God is the very best thing we can do. Yet how do we do this? Many struggle to find any sense of God, let alone an intimate one.

While I can’t tell you how your particular relationship might go, I can tell you what will stand in the way of your intimacy with God.

1. Trying to prove up or come clean before God

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Mutual Submission

It was my first trip to Uganda. I was part of a three-days Pastor’s Conference and was bringing the morning and afternoon training. And each day the same Ugandan Pastor would finish off the day with what we call in the west, a holy-rolling spiritual encounter (to the extreme).

It wasn’t really my style. I didn’t even understand it all the way. There were mixed messages, parts that made sense to me, then parts that made no sense at all. Yet I was determined to learn and simply waited on the Lord to explain the elements of which I was unsure.

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