Plan B

The best solutions are often the result of plans not going as planned.

We think ‘Plan A’ with much enthusiasm.

But what if there were no Plan A, what is Plan B?

Hint: Plan B is always better than Plan A

So go for that one.

Pick Ourselves Up

When things go sour, and we lose our focus, make mistakes, and miss deadlines, the best thing to do is to pick ourselves up from the dust, brush off and carry on.

With our humility heightened, our pride set aside, and our focus determined to set things right, we just might make a bigger impact and different kinds of decisions than before the fail.

Quality of life and business and ministry doesn’t depend solely on the good and up times, but depends just as much on the clarity that comes out of the mistakes.

Harness it all. Discount nothing. Make use of every piece.

And go forward.


Solutions are always right at hand, even if we can’t see them.

Think of your most pressing situation

What might the solution be hiding behind?


What are you thankful for today?

Gratitude grounds us in strength and motivates us forward.

Make habits of gratitude each and every day.

  • Five things you loved today
  • Three things you are expecting tomorrow
  • Two people who blessed you this week

Gratitude stretches our hearts and eases in happy expectations.

The rest begins to fall into place.