It has been a deep honour and privilege to have been welcomed into homes and churches in hundreds of communities since 2011. The work of Capturing Courage is a collaboration with pastors and their ministries in the majority world, unto personal and church renewal.

At the core of the Kingdom of God is hospitality. We experience this as a meeting and a gathering that comes round the Spirit of God and the work of Jesus Christ. In this, we find a deep gladness, a simple presence of ministry one to another, and long-standing friendships.

As with anything breathed through by the Lord this international work has called out of me more than I ever knew I had to give. I’ve preached and taught in some 350 churches in six countries, with pastors asking me for a written work that they might learn and carry on the touch of the Lord as we experienced together.

This has resulted in College of Capturing Courage. An intensive 1-2 year learning journey that comes with certificates, a diploma, and also a degree in professional studies in applied Christian ministry. We thank the Lord for this. It is reaching a need within the body of Christ in the rural areas where pastors are desperate for training in the Lord.

At Capturing Courage we have a strategy of reaching nations one leader at a time:

  1. On the Inside: We come in simple hospitality. We find fellowship and a deep gladness in each other’s presence. Barriers within our hearts are broken down as we minister to each other, as we break bread together, and as we abide within homes and spaces offered and opened to us.
  2. College of Capturing Courage: The core learning outcomes, the principles taught within this material are changing us. Freely offered to pastors and lay-leaders around the world we are experiencing the breath of the Lord as we learn together. We are equipping and encouraging pastors with this course.
  3. As Congregations: There are two curriculums and manners of being together that are for pastors with their congregations, Restoring the Weave, and From Church Era to Kingdom Era. We desire that the entire body of Christ come into its position alongside Christ at the right hand of the Father. These two curriculums are in process of development at this time.
  4. Houses of Prayer: All of the previous movements are to bring us to a solid standing in the Lord whereby we stand in the gap for communities, regions, and nations. This begins as we, each of us, become houses of prayer. It then takes root as together we act as the temple of God, the Ecclesia called out for a specific purpose. The Lord is birthing this in us as we speak.

Capturing Courage is a movement, an apostolic work, and we are hard-pressed to keep up with the fruit! But we are slowing down a touch, eliminating superfluous focuses, stream-lining responsibilities, and trusting the Lord forward over the next decade to come. It’s been a most blessed thing.

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College of Capturing Courage runs on donations from generous folks like yourself. If you want to assist in the continued development of the work, the assistance alongside pastors taking and teaching the course, the continued writing of curriculums, and the unfolding of a house of prayer here in Canada, then consider donating. Both one-time and monthly gifts are much appreciated.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11