Six Weeks :: Fridays, 1-2pm PST, Sept.16 – Oct.21

This Meditative Prayer Class will help you to imagine and create a meditative prayer practice for yourself personally, or for a group or gathering that you may have.

We explore sitting and silence with the Lord. With compassion and a setting down of judgement and conclusions made too soon. In the empathy and generous understanding of our Lord. Capturing clean emotions. Visioning forward. Coming with strong longing and deep surrender to the throne of God. Finding God in the meeting place of our imaginations. Identifying strong intercession as we are embraced by the fullness of Christ. All wrapped in gratitude and thanksgiving where we become a match to the good things of God for our lives and for the lives of others. Gladness takes hold. Hope is restored. Peace is established.

The Lord is surprising us with this class! Join us.

“Brave practice is the best way to learn something. Cyndy takes us on a journey of experiential learning with the Holy Spirit. We walked on new pathways, tried out new language, and these ancient meditative practices became new and fresh for us. Amazing.” ~Diane D.

Our NEXT Class: 1-2pm, Fridays, Sept.16-Oct.21

  • Fridays
  • 1 pm – 2 pm
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • Six Weeks
  • Sept.16 – Oct.21
  • One hour per class 
  • With an additional 1/2 hour of follow-up questions and sharing for those who want.

You will receive notes for each class on the Monday or Tuesday following.

This allows you to enter into the class in full participation of heart and spirit, knowing your brain can fully catch up a bit later.

Note: This class must have a minimum of 6 students to proceed.

Cost & Payment

While some of my classes have a stated cost, meditative prayer class is by donation.

This Meditative Prayer class is by Donation to Capturing Courage Int’l Ministries.

Send your donation via our GIVE page at our Capturing Courage Int’l Ministries website.

I receive an email when you donate, I will then email you with confirmation of your registration and with any further instructions regarding the class.

Gathering via ZOOM

This is a Zoom class. I’ll be sending out the link for this on Thursday prior to our first class. 

Be prepared by having a quiet space in which you can sit comfortably and enter into class easily.

Explain to any family members of others in your household that you are taking this time for yourself and to please not disrupt you during class time. Preparatory conversations and a setting of the space are always helpful.

Please come to class about 5 minutes early so that we can bring everyone in from the waiting room with good time to begin.

It is important to experience prayer and not just talk about it!

Contact Me with Any Questions

“Cyndy’s meditation class is like coming to a banquet at the Lord’s table. If you are looking for a place to nurture your intimacy with God this class will give you practical steps for quieting the mind and receiving the Lord without effort. Cyndy allows ample time for questions and discussing students experiences.” Donna R.

Falling in Love with the ONE who LOVES