Our Next Class – Six Weeks:

Fridays, 3:00 – 4:00pm, Sept. 16-Oct.21

with 1/2 hour bonus prayer practice

Over the years Holy Spirit has been both reminding and teaching us the importance of prayer. We have been challenged to allow Holy Spirit to direct our words, our thinking, our responses, and our actions, all in view of becoming houses of prayer.

“The prayers of the righteous person is powerfully effective.” James 5:16

  1. Meditative Prayer — in quietness and trust, a powerful waiting on the Lord
  2. Of the Psalmist — anger, outrage, accusation, then quiet trust
  3. Prayer of Presence — you as a person, showing up, makes a difference
  4. Releasing Prayers — we release folks from the sin that so entangles them
  5. Inner Healing Prayer — attending to human hearts, the gardens of our soul
  6. Spiritual Warfare Prayer — confidence: strategy and authority of prayer

Our NEXT Class: 3-4pm, Fridays, Sept. 16-Oct.21

  • Fridays
  • 3 pm – 4 pm
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • Six Weeks
  • Sept.16 – Oct.21
  • One hour per class 
  • With a bonus 1/2 hour of additional practice for those who want. 

You will receive notes for each class on the following Monday. 

This allows you to enter into the class in full participation of heart and spirit, knowing your brain can fully catch up a bit later. 

Note: This class must have a minimum of 6 students to proceed.

Cost & Payment

I base the cost of the classes that I teach as $20 per hour of class. 

‘HOW TO PRAY’ class is priced at $120 $90 CAD, fall special .  

==> Payment is via e-transfer to cyndy(at)cyndylavoie.com

Insert ‘How to Pray’ into the subject line. 

You will hear back from me with confirmation of your registration and with any further instructions for class preparation.

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to pay the cost of the course, but really want to attend, send me an email sharing this with me. There are sponsorships available up to 1/2 off the cost.

Gathering via ZOOM 

This is a Zoom class. I’ll be sending out the link for this on Thursdays prior to class. 

Be prepared by having a quiet space in which you can sit comfortably and enter into class easily. 

You may want to bring a notebook and pen for quick jottings of content and thoughts although I will send out notes the Monday following class.

Explain to any family members or others in your household that you are taking this time for yourself and to please not disrupt you during class time.

Please come to class about 5 minutes early so that we can bring everyone in from the waiting room with good time to begin. 

Contact Me with Any Questions

Let us Call Out to God Together