“Cyndy is about shalom – in the broadest and deepest sense of the word. Her work supports the shalom of the individual through inner healing and reconciliation, which then radiates to bring shalom to all those around. Cyndy’s approach of coming alongside rather than being the “sage on the stage” allows her to model the brave practices of forgiveness, surrender, humility, visioning and truth speaking in such a way that their transforming power is undeniable because it happens before your very eyes.”

Diane Down, Signature Coaching

“It has been my privilege to encounter and work alongside several “larger-than-life” individuals. People who swim consistently against the mainstream. Not for kicks, but to engage the world with authenticity and effectiveness. Cyndy Lavoie is one of those people.

Cyndy and I have been networking and collaborating for several years now. I have come to appreciate her as a person of vision, determination, passion and energy. Cyndy is unstinting in her dedication to the significant task she has taken on. She is un-phased by almost any challenge. She takes risks and spends herself to get things done. Recognising few will maintain her pace and trajectory, she works to keep others onside.

Cyndy challenges the status quo. She is bold, tireless, investigative, appreciative, collegiate. And refreshingly down-to-earth. She has walked the hard road to get to where she is. Her work, Capturing Courage International Ministries, is a credit to her imagination, insight and application. From a missiological perspective, it is innovative, scripturally-based and inter-culturally relevant. It is rightfully gaining a significant audience amongst Majority World leaders.”

Dr J Benham Clements, Missiological Educator 

“I am discovering more and more that after spending almost every waking moment for three months in Uganda with Cyndy, who is an inner healing specialist, an EQ genius, a prophet, a minister to ministers, AND a mother of five adult children, I’m forever changed…for the better. Thanks Cyndy!  I saw first-hand the effectiveness of Cyndy’s work in discipling pastors while avoiding some of the pitfalls that often happen in cross-cultural ministries.

After the trip I spent some time studying in a master’s program at a seminary. Reflecting back on Cyndy’s ministry, I deeply affirm and cherish her work. In particular, one of her core values, which she has termed as “coming on the inside”, fosters a mutually reciprocated relationship instead of an imbalanced power relationship.  Her teachings are theological and contextual to the local cultures, bringing about transformation in the heart and mind of the listeners.  I’ve continued to be inspired by Cyndy’s wisdom, her openness to the Spirit, and her love for people. Hence, I continue to support Cyndy in prayer and finances.”

Nelson Huang, Owner at Nelson Huang CPA

“Cyndy is an amazing leader, powerful speaker and change agent making a difference in the world. She has a passion for renewal and for creating hope in the lives of people all over the world. I highly recommend her, knowing she fosters amazing change in people’s lives. I am happy to call her colleague and friend.”

Tony Husted, PPAC,  Training Leaders and Coaches Worldwide

“Cyndy is one of the most authentic and powerful people I know. She has a way of creating a safe space for people to be themselves without judgement. Every time I’ve worked with her or interacted I’ve had the experience of coming away empowered and encouraged. She has learned how to take her life’s difficulties and experiences and use them for others’ good. She remains an example to me of how to leverage your life -no matter what happens to you. Her commitment to learning and growing inspire me to be my best and to reach further than I usually would! If you are considering working with her -do yourself a big favour and DON’T WAIT!”

George Watson, Principal Coach at Reinvention Unlimited

“Cyndy is an incredible contributor to  her clients. Like all the great superstars she makes people around her play better. She helps people get ‘unstuck’ from what is holding them back; she is direct and insightful; she warmly serves people depending on her. She is experienced in dealing with both people and problems – and knows how to distinguish between the two. I highly recommend her.”

Jamie MacDonald, Toastmasters International

“Cyndy is amazingly gifted on many fronts, prayer, discernment and helping others see where God is working in their lives. She is a great leader and coach and has become a trusted confidante in my life. Her level of integrity and honesty are truly refreshing, I couldn’t recommend Cyndy strongly enough.”

Drago Adam, Adam Ad Group

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Cyndy for many years. She has always impressed me to be a woman of her word, a woman you can always count on. She is a strong leader, yet a great team player. She holds her values close and has a desire to help people get to the next level in their life.”

Susan Thomas, Internet Marketing Agency

“Cyndy is a powerful coach, with the rare ability to reach into the depths of hearts and minds where only in that place, can real change occur. When seeing Cyndy I had many ‘aha’ moments that brought clarity inside of my being, a whole new understanding of myself and my role in the world around me. In a time of great transition in my life, I now have solid footing to walk forward. I greatly appreciate my coaching time with Cyndy and highly recommend investing in life coaching with her if you are looking to advance forward fully in the destiny you are called to.”

Jody Ross Vassallo, Intake Counsellor at Harbour Light Addiction Services

For further testimonies settle down with a cup of tea and head over to https://capturingcourage.org/testimonies/
The Lord is doing amazing things among us as we gather together.