At Capturing Courage International Ministries we are equipping and encouraging rural indigenous pastors around the world. We currently stand alongside some 100’s of Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, and their constituents in fourteen countries and on four continents.

CCIM is responding to the spiritual formation within the body of Christ; facilitating inner transformation and growth, restoring hope. We are helping people find peace with themselves and God.

At CCIM we are called to address the roots of difficulty and despair. Instead of trying to fix the bad fruit of our lives, our communities, and our nations, we go right to the heart of the matter by breaking down strongholds in the spirit realm, by leading in repentance and honesty before the Lord, and by teaching individuals and communities to stand in the gap for their people in the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We do this through:  

1. Building authentic relationships of mutual prayer and encouragements.

2. Sending out Capturing God’s Heart on a monthly basis – this is a small topical Bible study that is assisting in the spiritual formation of both pastors and their congregations.

3. Being On The Ground with our colleagues around the world, preaching and praying the heart of God, bringing inner healing and deliverance.

We bring:CCIM at the roots - Version 2

  • inner healing and deliverance
  • ministry of presence
  • spiritual transformation
  • prophetic teaching
  • Bible teaching
  • repentance and freedom

The impact is:

  • new hope
  • simple encouragement
  • greater intimacy with God
  • power of peace, grace, and freedom
  • God’s inner healing to the core of hearts
  • freedom from spiritual and generational strongholds

The most common testimonies are:

“Thank-youfor your heart – we cannot express what you have meant to us. Thank-You.”

“You have just taken us to the next level.”

“This is of the Holy Spirit, something fresh that we do not get in Bible School.”

“All we know Cyndy, is that we need you back.”

“We are healing and understanding, comforting, filled with holy spirit, Praise the Lord!”

“I am happy that the word of God gives me strength. True freedom is essential and profound. Your teaching is indeed reawakening.”

“We are understanding, very gracious and very comforted with holy ghost.”


Note that everything we do is supported and sponsored by folks just like you. To become part of the team that keeps this work going, take the time to donate today.

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