Each church has had a birthing, a growing up, a venturing forth, a coming into one’s own in terms of influence and as a gift to its particular community and calling. And like any individual, each church has gone through its share of condemnations, unmet expectations, disillusioned years, and has absorbed lies and assignments from the enemy unto its confounding. Churches struggle to be free from the effects of sin as much as any individual does.

When working with an individual, inner healing and deliverance is about walking a person through a process of bringing all manner of things before the Lord in confession, repentance, and renouncing. Through this, all manner of healing and wholeness is poured into the individual whereby every part of his or her life is freed into new strengths and fresh wisdoms for their future without all the baggage of one’s past wearing them down any longer. It is the same for a church.

Each church carries the DNA of its founding leaders and each leader thereafter. Much of this DNA is good and right and fully of the Lord, but some of this DNA is riddled with selfishness, narrow thinking, fearful understanding, just for instance, and a host of other things. Just like each individual is fighting unique battles unto them, so too does each church fight its own unique battles.

The good news is that Jesus Christ died on the cross to remove from us, to free us from, the effects of sin and death upon our lives, and this is not only for the individual but also for the corporate expression of his body through the life of a church. Freedom from generational strongholds, bitter-root judgments, inner vows, and unholy soul ties is part of the ministry of Jesus to the church, each church represented in your and my ministry and attendance.

I work with church leadership teams to bring to the cross all that might be holding a congregation back and to enter in new declarations of freedom and expression, of service and influence, that each individual church might thrive and enter into the fullness of the work of Jesus Christ as they have been called and commissioned to be and do.

While similar to individual prayer ministry, in the context of church bodies it is important to work with the leadership team as a whole (for very large churches, a team of representatives), for it is the leadership team that carries the responsibility and therefore the authority to stand in the gap in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ unto new freedoms in Him.

The theology is clear. Whomever might stand up as leader and take full responsibility for the current state of things, this one is given spiritual authority to declare a new way. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ all things are made new.

There may be things that as a church you are bumping up against, yet cannot quite define or see clearly. You are simply too close. Here a healing prayer facilitator can 1) lead your team to discern this thing together, and 2: bring an unbiased prophetic word that leads your team in finding healing, freedom, and new strength in the Lord; you may want to consider healing prayer for your church.

God shows up in amazing ways, breaking strongholds, loosing off chains, restoring strength and vitality and hope.


  • I come to you for two days of seeking the Lord together
  • I bring the necessary teaching about the process at the start of our time
  • By the time I have come to you we have already been in conversation and preparation for some months
  • We then gather to implement, experience, and declare the specific voice of the Lord over your church
  • We agree to new freedoms in the Lord and by the power of the Lamb
  • We break old, confounding strongholds that are upon your church
  • I am available as facilitator by donation to Capturing Courage International Ministries
  • You (as a church) cover the cost of my travel to come to you

NOTE: I am booked months in advance and so inquire early and be in prayer if this is something the Lord might have for you – I suggest that you begin the process today.

CLICK HERE for my Church Healing FAQ Page that you can take to your leadership team.


Blessings and peace upon you and your church.