Six Weeks :: Next Class to Be Announced

It’s been on my mind for some years, to host a Journaling Class. Personally, I’ve been journaling most of my life. I’ve an entire shelf full of old journals. And I recall a journaling class that I attended in my teenage years. My mom signed me up and drove me into the city each Saturday for a number of weeks for that class; it was a catalyst for all my decades of intentional growth, challenge, recording, and visioning of my life. And now, with numerous requests from others, I suppose, it is time to pass some of what I’ve learned, to You.

Journaling need not be fancy. It doesn’t need huge blocks of time. There are many different ways to journal. A consistent steady kind of thing is the goal. 

I’ll teach you how to use journaling prompts from every day. You will discover how to incorporate journaling into your Meditative Prayer practice. We will explore how to weave together thoughts or quotes that we find in our everyday. And you will have simple recordings of your inner world that over time, present one concise and profound journey with yourself and the Lord. 

Next Class to Be Announced

  • Wednesdays
  • 7-9 pm
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • Six Weeks
  • Dates to be Determined
  • Two hours per class 

We are having this class via Zoom. I’ll be sending out the link for this on Monday prior to our first class for those that have paid.

Each class will contain teaching and practice. We will consider different avenues of journaling. You can try each of them on for size.

You will go away with a full tool-belt of manner and way to either begin your journaling practice or to enhance what you already do.

Cost & Payment

I base the cost of the classes that I host as $20 per hour of class.

This JOURNALING class is priced at $240 CAD.

==> Payment is via e-transfer to cyndy(at)

Insert ‘Journaling Class’ into the subject line.

You will hear back from me with confirmation of your registration and with any further instructions for class preparation. NOTE: This class must have a minimum of 6 students to proceed.

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to pay the cost of the course, but really want to attend, send me an email sharing this with me. There are sponsorships available.

Materials & Preparation 

JOURNAL: Have ready a blank journal, beautiful and of your choosing. Pay attention to paper weight and textures. Choose a journal that inspires you and makes your heart glad.

PENS: Have at hand a few of your favourite kinds of pens. A beautiful, well balanced, good tip, writing instrument can make quite a difference to your journaling experience.

AMBIANCE: Set a space for this class and yourself. A room away from noise or distractions is best. Ensure a good writing table or desk. A comfortable chair. And maybe light a candle or two or have some fresh flowers to welcome your journaling.

Join Us! It’ll be a blessed time.

“Journaling is a bit like gardening. A little like sewing. A lot like painting. The craft of knowing oneself is the foundation of life, for its in the depths of our being that God meets us most.” Cyndy Lavoie