Six Weeks :: Mondays :: February 28 – April 4, 2022

We all have various kinds of relationship with miracles. From one end of complete disbelief to the other end of walking in them daily, miracles intrigue us, challenge us, bring us life, or may make us angry and irritated. Where are you in this?

Myself, I grew up baptist (non-miracle land), with a praying father who would testify of miracles, then thrust into international ministry with the edict, “Here, in the schedule, you will heal people”. Thrown into the deep end had me wrestling through to some understanding, some working out, some tentative knowing about God and miracles.

This class, will be a conversation about such. I’ll share my own journey of putting down my resistance to miracles, how miracles have worked through in context of ministry, and some stories that forced me to look to the Lord, to see beyond what is right in front of my face, and to step forth, allowing miracles, bit by bit. Not all the way there yet!

This class is for those intrigued, and questioning, challenged by the idea of miracles. There will not be any grandstanding. Your relationship around miracles is between you and the Lord. This class provides lots of room for discussion, for testing, and for doubts. But then too, perhaps some miracles in your own life.

Next Class:

FEB.28 – APRIL 4, 2022

  • Six Weeks
  • Mondays
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • Two Hours per Class
  • 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
  • February 28 – April 4, 2022
  • Registration Deadline: Feb.20

This class is via Zoom. I’ll be sending out the link for this prior to our first class for those that have submitted their payment, securing your participation.

NOTE: This class must have a minimum of 6 students to proceed.

Cost & Payment:

I base the cost of the classes that I host as $20 per hour of class. 

This MIRACLES class is priced at $240 CAD. 

( per household for spouses or families )

==> Payment is via e-transfer to cyndy(at)

Insert ‘Miracle Class’ into the subject line. 

You will hear back from me with confirmation of your registration and with any further instructions for class preparation. 

Note: If you are unable to pay the cost of the course, but really want to attend, send me an email sharing this with me. There are sponsorships available.

Materials & Preparation: 

NOTEBOOK: Bring a notebook and a good pen.  

QUESTIONS: A great preparation is to jot out your queries before class.

DOUBTS: Make note of your doubts. Express your angst. Put this onto paper  

BELIEFS: What were you taught about miracles? What beliefs have you been living with. Make note of these in your notebook.

Come, ready to discuss and explore, to test and address, putting heart and hand, mind and spirit, to the idea of miracles today.

Join Us! It’ll be a blessed time.