Idolatry of Good

If you are worried about being ‘good’ today – stop it.

Not because it is bad to be good, but because the pursuit of good is distracting at best and idolatrous at worst.

Only God is good.

When we focus on good we can too easily end up with “an obsession with personal purity and morality that has no regard for the difficulties or suffering of others” as Ken Wytsma so elegantly puts it.

In other words, we won’t get our hands dirty serving others, if we are obsessed with good and purity and morality.

Let your God be your goodness, you get on with service to others.

International Speaker

Summer of 2010I speak about the deeper things of life. About how to find our way through to the finish, with lessons on wrapping it all in deep satisfactions and sustained growth.

All of the joy and delight that can be found alongside difficulty is the mark made every time I speak.

From my experiences of Building Leaders in Africa, to Leadership Wellness and Transitional Coaching, I simply bring to you the years of wisdom and insight gained.

I have walked through many of my own and alongside other’s hard journeys.

Through the years I have become quite familiar with rough marriages, serious learning disabilities, childhood sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, bullying, as well as autoimmune diseases and compromised health.

All of which gives me a deep well of experiences and knowledge to draw from and fuels the empathy by which I speak.

Let me validate your journey.

Beyond all of the tough stuff of my own life, are the lessons learned in the years of pouring into my five children, and all I have gleaned from friends, mentors, pastors and colleagues along the way.

In addition to this, having the privilege of walking alongside beautiful individuals in mentoring, coaching and consulting relationships have enriched my life and increased my view of a life fulfilled.

Let me encourage your journey.

As your key-note speaker, your retreat speaker, a tie-in to your workshops or seminar days, I can adapt to your event needs, let’s have a conversation – I would be honored to support your vision.

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“Cyndy is an amazing leader, powerful speaker and change agent making a difference in the world. She has a passion for renewal and for creating hope in the lives of people all over the world. I highly recommend her, knowing she fosters amazing change in people’s lives. I am happy to call her colleague and friend.”

Tony Husted, PPAC, The Christian Coach