If nothing else grow in honesty with yourself.

Learn to be frank with where you are at.

Become okay looking at the mix of good and bad.

Because there is nothing that will stall your personal progress more than dishonesty in your core.

Whether you are looking to mature emotionally, succeed relationally, or move forward in your goals, it will only work to the extent that you are honest.

Of course, honesty comes with some risks. The denials of your life will need to be revealed. Any relationships built on false foundations may implode. And the goals you’ve been working towards, if they are not congruent with your honest self they just may need to be revamped or turned away from altogether.

But the pay-off, is astounding. There is nothing in the world so sweet as integrity with oneself.

You’ll be able to look yourself in the eye. All that energy gone to hiding and saving face you can put into your future and your success. The confounding merry-go-rounds of unhealthy relationships give way to freed up focus, eyes wide to possibility and opportunity, with zest to pour into the relationships that are working.

Self care, nurturing you, begins with honesty. Begin today.

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