Coming through Easter it is incumbent upon us to get it that Christ came to decriminalize our lives.

We must understand that his ‘covering’ of us is complete and really see how this changes the entire conversation.

In a prayer ministry setting as I facilitate a person to a full realization of sin and offense and repentance, the process is always softened by the simple fact (and grace) that outside of the knowledge of Jesus Christ all of our decisions about how life works, make sense.

Let me say it again: outside of the context of Jesus Christ many of the choices people make, make sense.

But most of these choices do not work in the long term. They are short sighted solutions for near sighted problems.

It is only in the context of Jesus Christ do we see that the way we have chosen to describe and pursue life are less-than choices.

In Christ, our sight becomes broadened and our problems open up, and we realize afresh that the paradigm by which we’ve been doing life is based on our way of thinking, our reasoning, and the lenses we are wearing.

Thankfully God has so much more for us. The Lord’s way of thinking, the reasoning of the Holy Spirit, and the lenses that Jesus Christ himself wears are ours to own.

Glory be to God! Thank-You God for Easter

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