I’ve been a prayer minister for over a dozen years.

My journey of prayer ministry began with my own inner healing. It was the year 2000 and I had been through some crushing years where everything I thought I could count on fell apart.

Ground to a pulp my own heart was finally broken open enough to allow the Lord to truly enter. Though I had accepted Christ at six years of age, there in my mid-thirties it was like I was meeting Jesus for the first time.

Since that initial six months of intentional healing I’ve been involved in many, many lives as they seek a deep inner healing themselves.

I cannot describe the privilege of facilitating the deep touch of God into the inner core of our lives.

The honor has only increased as I stand alongside men and women as we deliberately pour a balm of both validation of a journey, deep repentance of that which stands between ourselves and God, and simple declarations that in the power of Jesus Christ establish profound and new freedoms.

God is deeply concerned for the hearts of his people. God is deeply concerned for the state of your heart.

I encourage you to open your whole heart to the Lord. Allow the washing of the Holy Spirit in all the hidden places. You won’t believe the freshness and the freedom.

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