Advanced in the Kingdom is a Class to Move You Forward, to give you Courage, and to Harness all the Lord has Gifted You, for the Glory of God.



October 23 – November 27

11am – 2pm PST.

Advanced in the kingdom is a class for those eager to walk deeper with the Lord, for those holding an assignment from God, and for those compelled within a radical faith walk unto something far bigger than oneself.

Advanced in the Kingdom has us considering brutal faithfulness, the timing of God, obedience to the voice of the Spirit, and our very lives as a seed gift. We move in things bigger than ourselves but we also settle into the smallest glad pieces of life. We grow in emotional intelligence, learn how to come on the inside, and understand both bold action and deep rest. We put down religion and take on relationship with our creator and Lord. Ebb and flow, intimacy and gladness, a rhythm and pace of the Heart of God overtakes us.

Our lives are not our own. We bring the little that we have and God makes it all into much. The investment and participation with God in his dreams for this planet and all mankind is open invitation for those who love the Lord and seek him. With whole hearts we come. God initiates. We respond. We initiate. God responds. It is here where miracles happen. Advanced in the Kingdom is a dance of the highest design. It’s a movement of hearts and minds intersecting, being transformed, touched, harnessed, by the Lord and for the Lord and for the glory of our lives on this earth. From glory to glory we move and have our being.

  • Oriented to the Spirit
  • God Breathes through Us
  • Hearing the Lord
  • Daniel’s Life
  • God is Good
  • Christian Maturity
  • Rules & expectations
  • Assumptions & Conclusions
  • Separating Discernment from Interpretation
  • Barriers to God
  • Our Life is Not Our Own
  • Brutal Faithfulness
  • Retribution vs. Restoration
  • Bring Light In and Darkness Flees
  • What is your Ministry and The Heart of One’s Calling.
  • Sulha – We Run Toward the World to Take on the Stones
  • Three Keys to Revival
  • Ecclesia
  • Living in the Manna
  • First Priorities
  • Attending to What Is
  • Your Life is a Seed
  • The Stories You Tell
  • Bring Your Little and God will make it into Much
  • Women and the Holy Spirit, our feminine Helper
  • Working across Genders
  • Mutuality and Honour
  • The Abuse Cycle, signs of Abuse
  • God IS Healer

  • Forgiveness and the Kingdom of God
  • Justice and Making Things Right
  • Know Your Own Achilles Heel
  • Journaling as a Witness to the Lord
  • Taking the Lord seriously
  • Hearing & Obeying
  • What is in Your Hand?
  • Start with what You Have
  • Belonging in God – First Conversation
  • In Active Service – Second Conversation
  • In Sync with God
  • Staying in Today
  • the Power of Waiting
  • Strength rather than Protection
  • Intimacy with God is Your Spiritual Authority


Six Weeks

Oct.23 ā€“ Nov.27

11 am ā€“ 2 pm PST

3-hour classes

by Zoom

and by Donation

This class is by donation to Capturing Courage Int’l Ministries. Everything that I do is by donation with the intent to extend to anyone who might want access to the learning that God has given me and that I am glad to pass on to you.

Once you have sent in your donation (inquire of the Lord what that might be) I will email you in response and with a confirmation of your registration with further information about the class, how to be ready and what to expect.

  • Make a donation to register
  • Even $5 is a donation
  • Designate ‘Advanced in the Kingdom’
  • I will confirm your registration
  • You will receive the zoom link for this class

This class will be rich in conversation, with solid principles, wisdoms learned, manner and way of walking with God, and with a steady heart realized in the Lord.

Welcome! It’ll be a good time together.

About Me

Hi, Iā€™m Cyndy. I’ve been on a long and deep adventure with the Lord for some time now.

The thought to host a course like this one has been in mind for over a decade. I am glad-hearted for the Lord to be leading in this for this time.

I’ve been full-on with the work of Capturing Courage International Ministries, where we collaborate with majority world pastors, bringing personal and church renewal. This particular work is completing 10-years.

Our next decade is the establishing of Capturing Courage Canada – A House of Prayer. In both these things we have learned a lot about walking in sync with God, carefully considering direction, pace, and what God is asking of us.

We’ve learned to be nimble, obedient, courageous, wise.

Join me! As we seek the Lord together for what God may have of you.