CCIM is hosting an Information Weekend for those of you who are potentially interested in working alongside CCIM as we  minister in many places and countries.


Finger-Painting With God

I was on my fourth ministry trip to Africa and was in a remote village in north-eastern Mozambique. I had preached the evening message and as is common the inviting pastors wanted me to pray for the people.

Now, in the months prior to this trip the Lord had been growing me in conviction about a number of things, one being the priority of teaching people how to pray for themselves and each other. And so this particular evening under a thatch roof and as the evening breezes came through the walls I declined to pray for the people, opting instead to teach the people how to pray for each other. It was a dismal failure.

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The Work I Do

My role at Capturing Courage International Ministries is a full mix of out-front edge of the wave activity and then behind the scenes nurturing of infrastructure and CCIM community.

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Some Fresh Teaching And Prayer Sessions for Those Who Want

“I am stronger than I was before. I am not responding the way I once did. My reactions are more tempered and I am not triggered as I once was. It is a soft kind of change, not dramatic but constant and there each day.”

This is the kind of testimony from those with whom I walk alongside as prayer minister. It is something I’ve been doing for many years now and blessing and being blessed the same as ever.

I’ve found prayer to be a way of being rather than something I do.

Requests that flood in I carry in my being and as I sit before the Lord so too do these requests naturally and fluidly.

Leading others in healing prayers are the most amazing thing of all. To witness change and freedom from the inner core of a person, and to hear and see that change translate into practical freedoms in every day life, well, there is just nothing quite like it.

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