In response to many requests we are establishing CCIM College, or College of Capturing Courage International Ministries, a one-year course for leaders. Written for both pastors and lay-leaders within the body of Christ this course is a vigorous year of life-changing study.

Designed to take leaders deeper into authentic relationship with Christ, CCIM College focuses on personal transformation, good leadership practices, and foundations of spiritual authority.

The course is a compilation of our four works, Capturing God’s Heart (volumes HERE)Walking in Spiritual Authority (summary HERE), Poverty Strongholds (rough work HERE), and CCIM Discipleship Focus (preview HERE), framed into one year of study.


2015 will see the course beginning in Uganda in numerous districts, and in Burundi in one area, with other countries on the wait-list and in process of establishing the course in their areas (we will continue to update this page as needed).

Ugandan CCIM College Districts with a February 2015 start: 

Masindi, Rakai, Mbarara, Kibale, Kyankwanzi, Mpigi

Burundi CCIM College – exact area to be announced

One of our core values is to see the education of pastors taken to the rural villages and communities; we are not interested in setting up one location for this course or any of our work, but rather the course is facilitated for those who want it, near to where they live.

This is accomplished through individuals who are passionate about bringing the CCIM material to the body of Christ in those places where the Lord has established them in influence and ministry; it is our privilege to be in collaboration with the body of Christ around the world, working through and alongside rural pastors.


Again, the year’s course begins with a four month in-depth application of our Capturing God’s Heart Volumes, followed by four months of Walking in Spiritual Authority (with Poverty Strongholds tucked in for one months focus), followed by three months of CCIM’s Discipleship Focus, finishing with a month’s focus on final assignments and testing.

NOTE: Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate from College of Capturing Courage International Ministries, One-Year Course for Pastor and Lay-Leaders.

Capturing God’s Heart Months One-to-Four Study Focus’:

1. A Devoted Heart

2. Strength for Hard Times

3. Relationships

4. A Heart of Worship

Walking in Spiritual Authority Months Five-to-Eight Study Focus’:

5. God’s Heart for this World

6. He Invites Us

7. Poverty Strongholds

8. At the Cross

CCIM Discipleship Focus Months Nine-to-Eleven Focus’:

9. Transformed Hearts & Changed Thinking

10. God’s Worldview & Leadership

11. Personal Prayer & Spiritual Authority

Month Twelve is for Assignments and Testing: 

12. Final Assignments and Testing


  • One Year Course with Certification
  • The Course itself is offered free to all
  • Each student must cover the cost of the printing and binding of the course content
  • Each class will determine how they will manage food for the days they gather


  • Each class meets for 2 or 3 consecutive days each month for 12 months
  • Each class meets within its local area and is led by it’s local teacher
  • Each class determines the days they meet and the schedule for the year


  • Each month’s content has it’s own application exercises
  • There will be quarterly testing
  • The last month prior to graduation will be reserved for final assignments and testing

To find out about CCIM College in Uganda, or to inquire regarding another country, please use the contact form below and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.