Advancing Forward in the Kingdom, Lessons From Daniel – Leadership, opportunity, influence is simply a by-product of orienting ourselves to The King of Kings. We learn from Daniel tried and true parameters for become trustworthy vessels for our Lord, true partners in the Kingdom, and co-heirs to the power of God.

The Power of Faithfulness – We think that the work of our lives is found only in our outer expressions and actions when in fact the most profound movements take root in our faithfulness before the Lord in the darkest of times. If your life is dark right now, take heart, you are in the midst of foundational building unto the rest of your life and the work of the Lord through you.

Principles for Walking With God – Taken from ancient Biblical principles we find simple yet profound steps that keep us in sync with God, dependant on Him while stretching forward into the best He has for us. If rest, abiding, trust, faithfulness sound like hard work, they are, yet they lead to His easy yoke as Christ promised. Let’s take Him on today.

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