The Discipline of Coming on the Inside – Ministering from the inside out takes unique humility and particular focus. It also opens doors like nothing else and ushers us into fellowship we’ve only dreamt of. Principles and directives from Jesus himself as taken from Luke 10 show us the way. It is a challenge to individuals, teams and church bodies.

The Power of Receiving from Others – Within the Christian community we are very good at giving. We are not very good at receiving. Yet effective partnership, covenant relationships, authentic conversation and collaborative visioning requires that we lead forward by receiving. It’s really a conversation about how to put aside pretence and enter into the manner of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Basis for Spiritual Authority – We have the techniques of the Spirit, the expectations of our God, the sacrifice of The Son, but theology alone will not accomplish the work of our Lord. None of our well-framed understandings will bring us into relationship necessary to wield the heart of our King. Perhaps we need a new encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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