Called Out

Two women were heading to the worst part of the city to pray.  They had a few used purses filled with necessary items that they were going to give to the women living on the streets.  When they first arrived in this part of the city they spent the first while worshipping in a small church in the area.  This had been the habit of these women for some time.

At the end of this time of worship and as they were leaving the church a man came up to them and directed them, urgently pointing,  “You must call emergency services.  You must call emergency services, there is a man who has fallen down.” 

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The Hearts of Humans Meeting the Heart of God

At the beginning of 2009 when it became time to launch what is today Capturing Courage International Ministries I wasn’t sure what to name this thing by which the Lord was leading me so I went to the box of thank-you cards that I had received and kept for the previous decade and began looking to see if there was a common theme. What came through loud and clear was comments regarding courage, “Cyndy when I am near you I have courage to speak my truth” for instance. Again and again people commented on courage and so this is what I named the work I do today.

Yet in the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about this name, wondering if I’ve really explained the core meaning of it, and how it applies to the work of CCIM. In my own heart and mind I know it means the courage to draw close to the Lord and to enter into an honesty and intimacy of which we are often afraid but have I communicated this to others?

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More of Christ

The Lord has amazing plans for each one of us. There is a unique gift of God through each of our lives. Sometimes we get this, most of the time we don’t.

To live in accord with these plans simply boils down to living in accord with God.

We go after God, not the plans. For gifting and anointing is nothing more than a manifestation of the Lord’s unique love over us.

To walk in it we must walk with God.

To enter heart and soul we must enter into the Father’s heart.

The things we hold between ourselves and God we lay down and leave behind.

We give our lives over. We forgive all that has gone wrong. We surrender what makes no sense. We open the closets of our hearts. We invite Christ in.

There is an unbelieving heart within the heart of every believer. It is the part where we do not yet believe that Christ really covers over our good, bad, and ugly.

Out of that part we continue striving at holiness and righteousness, forgetting the basic principle that Jesus is our righteousness and if we want to be more righteous, we simply get more of Christ.

“God we simply want to walk with you today. We give over our efforts at coming clean before you. We simply come as we are and sit at your feet. Thank-you for loving us, thank-you for simply being beside us. We welcome you today.”

Mutual Submission

It was my first trip to Uganda. I was part of a three-days Pastor’s Conference and was bringing the morning and afternoon training. And each day the same Ugandan Pastor would finish off the day with what we call in the west, a holy-rolling spiritual encounter (to the extreme).

It wasn’t really my style. I didn’t even understand it all the way. There were mixed messages, parts that made sense to me, then parts that made no sense at all. Yet I was determined to learn and simply waited on the Lord to explain the elements of which I was unsure.

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