The Lord has amazing plans for each one of us. There is a unique gift of God through each of our lives. Sometimes we get this, most of the time we don’t.

To live in accord with these plans simply boils down to living in accord with God.

We go after God, not the plans. For gifting and anointing is nothing more than a manifestation of the Lord’s unique love over us.

To walk in it we must walk with God.

To enter heart and soul we must enter into the Father’s heart.

The things we hold between ourselves and God we lay down and leave behind.

We give our lives over. We forgive all that has gone wrong. We surrender what makes no sense. We open the closets of our hearts. We invite Christ in.

There is an unbelieving heart within the heart of every believer. It is the part where we do not yet believe that Christ really covers over our good, bad, and ugly.

Out of that part we continue striving at holiness and righteousness, forgetting the basic principle that Jesus is our righteousness and if we want to be more righteous, we simply get more of Christ.

“God we simply want to walk with you today. We give over our efforts at coming clean before you. We simply come as we are and sit at your feet. Thank-you for loving us, thank-you for simply being beside us. We welcome you today.”

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