Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that you could work harder on your stuff.

That is religion. It is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But for many of us, we like working on our stuff. It gives us a sense of control and pride. We are still in charge and we can feel good about our effort.

But we miss out on Christ. And in our self-effort we become harsh taskmasters of others. “Shouldn’t they be working as hard as I?”

And in the face of grace we become angry. Our bitterness leaks around the edges.

Now I’m not saying that grace is easy. It’s not.

It wasn’t easy for Christ and it’s not easy for us.

Grace requires that we give up our pride – and this is a living death.

Grace requires that we see our sin for what it is – and this is a knife to the gut.

Grace requires that we turn and choose something so foreign that many simply cannot manage it – and this is loosing off death and taking on life.

But for those who are game to go deep with the Lord, really deep, the heights are amazing.

Once sorrowful we are ready to rejoice. Once disillusioned we are ready for clarity. Once honest we are ready to receive Christ’s truth about us, the Father’s love over us, and the touch of our Spirit through us.

Go deep with the Lord. He is waiting for you there.

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