The Work I Do

My role at Capturing Courage International Ministries is a full mix of out-front edge of the wave activity and then behind the scenes nurturing of infrastructure and CCIM community.

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Congregational Health

As you can well imagine I go to a lot of churches. I often joke that my job is going to church. As I minister overseas I am sometimes in three different churches in one day. Preaching, praying, and rushing to the next. This, of course, is not really my favourite way of ministering but sometimes it happens. More often I am in one or two churches in a day, for as many days in a row as you can imagine. Out of this I have seen a great many congregations and have observed a great many things.

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Through A Life

It has been a lovely few days. Grandma is an 80-year bundle of spunk and love for the Lord. She is set with purpose for each day and carries in her heart many souls before the Lord. I spent one night in her home, enjoyed her roof-top terrace, sat on her front patio, ate at her table, and managed to sit on the floor beside her as she sorted vegetables (there is always much protest when I try to sit on a floor).

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Morning Prayer & Song

I am in Bangalore, India. My room is right across from the Bible College that I am visiting for these next days. This morning, as dawn approaches, and because I have the doors to my little patio open, I could hear (they only just finished) the students as they gathered in the top room singing praises to the Lord.

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God Through an Eight Year Old

It was our first week in Uganda. We were at a school run by Evangelist Patrick. One afternoon we gathered the students under the mango tree for we were going to teach them about prayer.

I began my part of the teaching by asking the students the kinds of things that they wanted to bring to the Lord in prayer. A number of students put up their hands and I gave each an opportunity to share their prayer requests.

One student wanted wisdom and knowledge and another wanted healing for her grandma. And then, one young boy, perhaps eight years old, replied that he wanted to pray for the visitors.


Amen and Amen

I am in my final days before heading to Uganda for three months. As you can imagine, the last details, the final email communications, the odds and ends running (endlessly) through my head have me both full up and feeling like a sieve.

Last week I was with my daughter and family in Calgary and the Lord was holding back His deep presence upon me. On the Monday’s bus ride home He began to unleash Himself and I am feeling the fierceness of the Lord pouring into me.

I’ve found that the key to allowing the glory of God to pour through oneself is to remain very human. I may be tired, sad, overwhelmed, wanting, and this, in fact, is the safest way to be in the express power of our Lord. And so I am full-on in the mix of simply being very human while simultaneously feeling myself rising, standing tall, in the fierce love and power of God.

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Covering in the Lord

What is ‘covering’ in the Lord, how does it work, what are the misconceptions about it, how might we walk in greater covering?

These are questions that many have attempted to answer and I am going to do the same today. To begin with I share a bit of my own journey, for it is here in my experience that my theology of covering has been thoroughly threshed.

Nearly five years ago I had a church leadership team tell me this, “You cannot have God’s blessing, you cannot have his favour, you need to come under our oversight or you will lose all influence, all ministry, and you will not have the covering of God.”
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