For many years now the pattern has been that God brings us at CCIM alongside those He is bringing into new levels of influence and spiritual authority within the body of Christ.

As leaders move forward and beyond themselves in ministry it is imperative that hearts and spirits are both cleansed of past residue and strain and simultaneously filled with the grace and peace of our Lord.

Leaders are the first to be working at their stuff. They are leaning forward even with personal trials and strains pulling at them. God sees this, knows these folks intimately, and is responding to their faithfulness with His healing presence; we are profoundly honoured to be facilitating these grand encounters between leaders in the Kingdom and their King.

Week after week we get a ring-side seat to the greatest show on earth. It’s a private show, played out in the depths of hearts and minds where Jesus touches and heals, touches and refreshes, touches and makes new. It is quite something actually.

God is passionate for his church, be it in whatever form. The Lord connects us to leaders among many different ecumenical traditions; the expressions might be different but the Lord is the same and His work continues and is maintained through His deliberate and considerate care of those who are giving their lives alongside Him in service.

Find out more about Healing Prayer HERE, find out more about Healing for Your Church HERE, to learn more about our Work Overseas go HERE, and to really find out exactly how this works in each setting and situation, contact us below.

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