I’ve been involved in revival for a long time although for many of those years I missed naming it for what it was. You see, I once believed that revival is marked by a loud, exuberant, ra-ra, experience in the Lord, yet I’ve come to find that revival is a deep, quiet work of the Lord way down inside us. Often times this deep revival results in a move of the Spirit over us that brings in greater silence; we are simply in awe before our Lord, humbled and quiet in Him.

In cultures and settings where loud and exuberant is the norm, when the Lord moves people to silence I know that revival is happening. When prayer clients are brought to sober reality and silence before the Lord I know revival is happening.

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Maybe, Just Maybe, There is More

It is most difficult to bring Christians to the cross of Christ. We are familiar with the sinner’s prayer and from long years past have come to great comfort with solid understanding and knowledge; paradigms are established and lenses are polished to a sheen.

We’ve drawn near to God in comfortable distance and see no need to tamper with this. Our boundaries are secure, “Yes, this near, but no closer please.” We think that the amount of the Holy Spirit that we have right now is good enough, “No more Lord. I’m good.”

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Alongside the Faithful

For many years now the pattern has been that God brings us at CCIM alongside those He is bringing into new levels of influence and spiritual authority within the body of Christ.

As leaders move forward and beyond themselves in ministry it is imperative that hearts and spirits are both cleansed of past residue and strain and simultaneously filled with the grace and peace of our Lord.

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What are We Missing Out On?

There is no way through to healing and wholeness without honestly acknowledging hurt.

Hurt comes before healing.

Seems obvious but do we really get this, and are we willing to engage this unto healing.

Engaging hurt leads to healing.

Allowing hurt to penetrate gives way to options that only open up after the pain.

Recognizing how deeply we have been hurt over something is the only way to come through to the other side where the hurt does not own us any longer.

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Resting in God Today

The Lord changes us. When we come to the end of self-effort we take a risk to settle into the power of Christ to in fact transform and make all things new.

For years now, like skipping stones over the landscape of my soul, there have been moments, situations, circumstances that required I be stronger and wiser than I was. It was during those times that I learned to simply rest and wait in the presence of God for new clarity, fresh stamina, renewed capacity. And EVERY SINGLE TIME God works on me from the inside out and I am equipped and grown into what is necessary yes, but even more so, who I so desire to be.

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Gospel to the Unbelieving Hearts of Christians

I’ve changed my byline yet again. Over the past year I’ve changed it numerous times. Each time growing in further boldness in what I am about and speaking that aloud.

Today (the day I wrote this) it reads: Gospel to the Unbelieving Hearts of Christians.

Years back I had articulated this as my calling and noted it as such in my journal. It was one of many singular ah-ha moments before the Lord; the closest sense to what His influence through me might be.

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No Lost Years

There are no lost years within the Kingdom of God.

Too often we are fretting and ashamed because of what has not happened and the way life has turned out contrary to what we imagined.

There are many despondent in circumstances that are crushing.

Many are making do with the best they have.

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