There is no way through to healing and wholeness without honestly acknowledging hurt.

Hurt comes before healing.

Seems obvious but do we really get this, and are we willing to engage this unto healing.

Engaging hurt leads to healing.

Allowing hurt to penetrate gives way to options that only open up after the pain.

Recognizing how deeply we have been hurt over something is the only way to come through to the other side where the hurt does not own us any longer.

Avoiding the hurt, pretending it is no big deal, pushing it aside with a bold face, allows gangrene to set in place.

And in this we are sick and getting sicker.

In all ways.

This last week I have witnessed first this #1. Allowing of hurt, and then following right on its heels #2. A broad expanse of forgiveness and rest. It has been such a privilege and honour to observe this process play out live and real and true.

I’ve also experienced this myself these last few weeks and it is a pretty amazing place to come to where deep on the inside one is at peace on a whole new level. I’ve seen with my own eyes estranged pieces of my own life coming back into sync, back into compassion, back into new beginnings.

And it all began with hurt acknowledged and allowed on a deeper level than before.

I causes me to wonder, what hurt/s are we avoiding, and what are we missing out as a result?

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