Parade of Flowers


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Belonging – To the Core of our Lives

As people we are made to belong. Each of us has a spot within us that gauges and must be filled with a clear sense of belonging – it is how we know we are loved, that we fit in, that we are welcome.

But many of us have not yet found our belonging. We don’t know that we belong.

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Kingdom Talk – Identifying the Roots

It was a rousing discussion. I’d presented the following material and out of these simple comparisons conversation after conversation followed. We didn’t have time for all the thoughts and questions and dialogue.

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Through A Life

It has been a lovely few days. Grandma is an 80-year bundle of spunk and love for the Lord. She is set with purpose for each day and carries in her heart many souls before the Lord. I spent one night in her home, enjoyed her roof-top terrace, sat on her front patio, ate at her table, and managed to sit on the floor beside her as she sorted vegetables (there is always much protest when I try to sit on a floor).

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Alongside the Faithful

For many years now the pattern has been that God brings us at CCIM alongside those He is bringing into new levels of influence and spiritual authority within the body of Christ.

As leaders move forward and beyond themselves in ministry it is imperative that hearts and spirits are both cleansed of past residue and strain and simultaneously filled with the grace and peace of our Lord.

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A Journey of Little Bits Adds Up to Much

Long years back I began keeping quotes from books I was reading and verses from the Bible, thoughts and convictions that resonated with me at the time. I still have these today, some sixteen years later. It is interesting to look back on the journey we have through life and to see the hand of God compelling and teaching us along the way.

Here are the first three quotes I wrote out in this way,

“Only when Jesus is the focal point; only when his suffering for souls, his love and wrestling for them moves our hearts, can we abide in peace, true joy and victorious faith, for then we are centred in him rather than in people.” Basilea Schlink in I Found the Key to the Heart of God 

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God in All

I am remembering today:

God is the God of open doors,

God is the Lord of the harvest,

God is the author of collaboration and partnership.

God makes a way where there is no way,

He is The Way,

And God entrusts us with His heart and His way.

God brings all things to good timing,

God’s timing is perfect.

God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts,

God’s ways are higher than our ways.

God loves us,

God loves me,

God loves you.

We are enough because He is enough and He lives in us,

And God’s light shines out through our lives, once we stop trying to fix the cracks.