Crossing Thresholds

A prayer for those in the birthing canal:

“God I come to you this day in the name of Jesus. Oh God, I cannot tell what way is up. Everything feels disoriented and uncertain.

Yet, I entrust my days and my life to you Lord. I enter today, into your trust, your love, and your great goodness.

Thank You for loving me. Thank you for keeping me in the palm of your hands. And oh how blessed to be at home in your heart.

This, makes all the difference to my life.

By your love, I am at home with you. And you are welcome to be at home with me.

Give me all the love I need for my own life and as I engage the lives of others. Make me better than I would ever be on my own.

I give you my worries. I am okay with all that is unknown. Because I trust you God.”

A Holy Experience of Birthing and Caves

You may be in a cave. Perhaps you are aware of all that is going on outside the cave. The sounds of weeping and sorrow reach your ears. The negative energy of rabble-rousers pokes at you. The tremors of too-near implosions are wearing on your heart.

But you are still in the cave.

In the cave you are birthing new things and a new way. It is hard work. Particularly because you are not all too sure what the new way is. You know what it won’t be, but can barely see what it might be.

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Beauty and Creativity in Re-Discovering Joy

Perhaps you have lost your joy. The tasks about you may seem to be never-ending. You’ve been at this for some time now. It is hard to catch one’s breath.

The recipe for re-finding joy is a surprising one. It is not so much about stretching and reaching, grasping or holding, but about releasing, pausing, creating, investing – gentle manners of heart and soul. A relinquishing rather than a hoarding. A surrender.

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So Much More

I and two other women are away at a conference. Last night we stumbled into the guest house with groceries and bags, exhausted from a long days drive and evening activities.

This morning I heard through my slow waking, “They are not here. I’m not seeing them.”

My mind ascertained that maybe the keys to the car were misplaced and then to my mind came a thought which I voiced, “Maybe they are in the door.”

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Invest in Beauty

Invest in something beautiful. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it does have to bring joy to your soul. It may be simple or it may be intricate. It may be old or it may be new. It may be striking or it may be humble. It may cost it may be free. Whatever the case, invest in it, make it your own.

Put it somewhere to remind you. Let it shine forth your own special light. Allow it to bring you gladness. To hold you up when you are feeling low. Beauty does this.

Make a way, figure it out, choose that one piece of beauty that reminds you that you are made for gladness. One of the first things we give over in difficulty is beauty, don’t do this. Reclaim beauty in some way.

When life is tough we need one special something that will gladden our eye and make its way to our heart. What might this be for you?

One day, you won’t need beauty in a thing for you will be making beauty once more.

The Power of a Pause

You might need to take a pause. Or, perhaps you are already in a pause.

No matter, pauses are good for your soul, body, mind, spirit and the work you are about.

( I am speaking to high-driving folk, if you are always on pause you might want to get going with something, anything! )

A pause, a true pause ( not the, I’m in the dessert because of my unbelief and lack of courage kind of pause ), but a true pause, is essential to your life.

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Risk in Small Doses

You do not want a big, sudden, increase. It may be tempting to go after a lot all at once but big sudden increases are not sustainable. Large jumps will land you backwards, not forward.

Did you ever try to leap a stream as a child only to have your backside sitting in the water?

This is the way of windfalls.

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