I have a lot of christian friends on Facebook from many places in the world. So, I am seeing a lot of emphasizing prayer and belief and trust and knowing that God heals and protects and thus … how to repent and cry out to God for protection, and such.

Now, I believe and practice prayer, belief, trust, and knowing God as healer. I even know repentance a great gift to us humans. I’ve lived all this for a very long time and much of my own work is as a healer and in leading folks into intimacy with God.

The thing that bothers me with the ‘cry out to God thing’ is that it presupposes that God has gone somewhere. That God is not with us. That God only moves or acts if we can somehow convince him to act.

All of which, is false. God is with you whether you know it or not. God is active in our lives whether we can sense it or not. God is directing and keeping and nurturing beyond our awareness, all the time.

Often, in our exaggerated pleas and sacrifice and prayers, we treat God as though he is cold and hard, is unmoving and is militant unless we can somehow convince him of mercy. Somehow. Because, after all, who are we?

Who are we? You are created in the image of God. You are breathed through with life. God loves you. God loves the whole world.

What God is not, is magic. God is not a genie in a bottle who grants three wishes. God is not to be manipulated into your demands either. God is not punishing anyone.

God is calling you to rest in him. You may or may not be very good at this. But no matter. Because God is the keeper of your relationship made right in him through the work of Jesus. It’s done. Finished. Complete.

Your faith is not what activates God. God was active before you knew anything about faith.

So, look to God. Absolutely. Of course. “God we need you.”

Then, truly know: God is love. God is compassion. God is healer.

God is with us until the end of the age. Even if we get Covid-19. Even if we lose some of those we love. Even if we get critically ill. Even if we lose jobs and revenue.

Even if our world turns upside down for a time.

Even as it rights itself once more, as it will.

Rest. Be silent. Come into quiet. Be at peace.

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