At the core of everything I do is a teaching and a living of prayer. Not just speaking heart and words to God. But a congruence, a symmetry, a fluid and unadulterated essence of being that is prayer.

Prayer for others
heart, mind, emotion, actions, attitudes
all move in unison
becoming a breath.

I’ve broken down the the parts
explaining them as well as I can
but truly
all these parts
are one breath
a one-thought heart for self and others.

In this, then, our life becomes a prayer.

We don’t have to force the overnights
or be all day on our knees
no fancy words
or long speeches unto God.

Just breathe this heart of God
and every action
every resting
every cell, fibre, muscle
of body sings
in unison
for the wholeness
of others.

In this
we become whole ourselves.

Our lives sing
our days are prayers
joy is made manifest.


We live the kingdom of God
a kingdom upside down
without war
in great peace
in quietness and trust we have our being.


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