There are, it seems, those who we might call keepers of the presence. These are the ones among us who are infused with a gladness, an urgency even, to seek and to sit in the presence of God.

Out of this they carry a balm, a fragrance, and a light of the Lord with them into all of their earthly affairs and responsibilities; these ones see things and know things of God of which many others are unaware.

In this time of pandemic, for those of you who are keepers of the presence of the Lord, this is the time to become quiet again, once more, further still.

Do not fear entering into the quiet spaces as opposed to out-loud ministry. Do not fear the less connections or active movements to which has become your normal.

There is a principle of limitation upon a thing that would make it a powerful tool and impact. Consider a light. Light is everywhere, diffused and useful and needed in our daily lives.

You put a cone around a light and you have a lamp. You put a smaller cone around a light and you have a flashlight, a torch. Then, as you put an even smaller cone around a light you have a laser beam–a very powerful tool that is used for healing in a myriad of ways.

Notice though, that the light must accept the cone, must accept the limitation put upon it in order to fulfill the purposes of it’s particular work and impact.

Covid-19, while not of God, can be used by the Lord in your life to extract from you strengths, stillness, resting, trust, and a myriad of things that will equip you and empower you for the years to come once this pandemic is over.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to be deep and quiet and still in the Lord. It may very well be the gift you’ve been longing for. It may be a timeliness of the Lord within you, for you, and through you, for his name sake.

Be at peace. Be in trust. It’s okay. Even though nothing is okay, it’s okay.

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