I’ve been thinking about all the times my heart has been broken in the course of my life. Too many times really.

My only recourse is to receive the oil of the Lord over all it’s scar tissue. It’s not about finding God; for God is here. But simply remaining turned to God.

I set down my accusations whenever I become aware of them; whenever my accusations against God and others would take my attention, energy, and life, I turn and look to God.

I let go my bitternesses as much as possible, knowing that bitterness will destroy me (bitterness feels like power, it is not); turning from bitterness I simply look to God.

I surrender my character flaws as they become evident; instead of dismay and self-recrimination I turn from myself and I look to God instead.

I rest in the work of Christ for me.

Trusting for good things.

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