There is a quickening that comes over our hearts and spirits as the Lord crosses us over thresholds. Moved forward in the Spirit we are aware of something taking place. A profound shift that we cannot fully name and only half recognize; we are still so numb from our sin-state (the state of being so far removed from the Lord) that the significance of what God would do in and over and through us, takes time to register.

There is a small sentence in the book of Mark, “they still didn’t understand the significance of the miracle of the loaves. Their hearts were too hard to take it in.” Mark 6:52

The fuller passage reads,

49–50 When they all saw him walking on the waves, they thought he was a ghost and screamed out in terror. But he said to them at once, “Don’t yield to fear. Have courage. It’s really me—I Am!”[a]

51 Then he came closer and climbed into the boat with them, and immediately the stormy wind became still. They were completely and utterly overwhelmed with astonishment. 52 Their doubting hearts[b] had not grasped his authority and power over all things in spite of just having witnessed the miraculous feeding.[c]” Mark 6:50-52 TPT

It takes us awhile to accept the Lord as all-powerful. We realize, like the disciples, that we carry a lot of resistance to God. Our hearts are too hard to take Him in. We have, after all, for years now, dissected God to the nth degree, have packaged him neat and tidy like, and have domesticated God making him a proprietary product doled out in carefully measured amounts.

Swinging the other direction and God is peddled as a miracle cure to every problem of life; we have tipped over into presumption and exploitation of what is meant to be deep intimacy in holiness with our Lord. We treat God as a product and not as a person, something to be consumed and passed out in exchange for seed-gifts, for tithes and offerings, for attendance on a Sunday morning.

At Capturing Courage, Holy Spirit has been dealing with our hearts, moving us ever so slowly yet surely to a desire for God and God alone; we are glad to be in company of the Lord regardless of what our context or current reality may be. God help us to be with you in righteousness and in trust, as you are with us.

At this juncture of time we have completed ten years of international ministry. Now, the Lord is leading us into another decade (to begin) as a house of prayer. We do not know all that God would have of us. We are simply holding space for the Lord. He can do with us what he wants. We are hosting the Lord and each other. In simplicity and trust. In worship and silence. In an immediacy of presence, of holiness, and of gladness with this one who created and sustains us.

I gave up my apartment at the end of June 2021. My things were put into storage and since that time I’ve been on a camping, road trip, ministry time on Vancouver Island. We are seeking out an ancient well of the Spirit upon which we are to be establishing a House of Prayer. This has been unfolding in our hearts for some time as the Lord continues to color in the lines of our understanding. We’ve put feet (and wheels) to another of the Lord’s dreams.

I am writing about this process and journey, the unfolding, over at . The Lord has made it clear that we are to be making this a public unfolding. A House of Prayer, after all, is for people. It is for Canada. And Lord willing, it will be a gift even to our international colleagues in due time.

We simply pray, “God, fashion our hearts that we may take in your beauty and presence. May our hearts leave hardness behind. May we be pliable, nimble of spirit, open to all of who you are ourselves, others, and this world. We love you God. We trust you. And we know you to be good. Amen”

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