A deep quiet calls us, beckons, drawing us forth. It is the resonance of limitations, of introspections, of deep calling to deep, of invitation to something beyond.

These are easy to miss. May not be so evident as other louder parts of our lives. We may misunderstand the drawing in and apart and we may flail at anything that might constrict or limit us.

But the BEFORE the bursting forth are all these things.

Before the bursting forth of any great work, grand expression, or creative endeavour there are the quiet movements, silent surrenders, a bearing of work and impact-to-be deep inside of us; we bear the womb before it bears us.

Good things are afoot.

So, we hold court within ourselves and in quiet place with the Lord. We remain in silence. We wait in tension. We gear up and garner strength. It’s the ice-skater who pauses in time for the critical seconds prior to a big jump and spin. It’s the light limited down to a tiny but powerful (laser) beam. It’s Mary pondering all these things in her heart.

We do not ruin things by speaking of them too soon. We do not abort dreams and desires by flippant actions, too soon exposure, or braggart ways.

All this to say, slow down. Take heed. Imagine. Hold space. Wait on a timing of things. Learn to hold tension. Be prepared but don’t run ahead.

I’m hosting another round of Meditative Prayer Classes beginning in October.

  • Six Classes
  • October 16 – November 20, 2021
  • Saturday Mornings
  • 8-9 am PST
  • One hour each class
  • On Zoom
  • By Donation to Capturing Courage

Head HERE for further information.

We’ve got some weeks to go but it’ll be here before you know it. Learn how to hold space for your own heart and life, for the Lord and love, for your future and the movement of God through your being.

Join us! It’ll be a good time.

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