Beauty and Creativity in Re-Discovering Joy

Perhaps you have lost your joy. The tasks about you may seem to be never-ending. You’ve been at this for some time now. It is hard to catch one’s breath.

The recipe for re-finding joy is a surprising one. It is not so much about stretching and reaching, grasping or holding, but about releasing, pausing, creating, investing – gentle manners of heart and soul. A relinquishing rather than a hoarding. A surrender.

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No One Else will do it For You

There are things in this life you must do alone. These things always come with risk and demand from you, authenticity.

It is a job done singly because only you can journey to the depths of your being to find what is at the core. This is not another person’s job in the world. So don’t be waiting on anyone else.

It is risky because once you find what is at your core you will feel the burden to live it out loud, to bring it to life, to birth who you really are to the world.

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You are WAY MORE than That

Sure, figure out what to put on your body, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

Spend your money on those great shoes, just remember, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

Make your face what you want it to be, but don’t forget, it doesn’t really matter.

You are so much more than your clothes, your shoes, or your face.

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God Help Me

You may be tired and worn down. There is always something difficult to attend to, something unaccountable for which you had not prepared. What makes it even more confusing is the fact that great beauty resides smack-dab right beside great despair.

We are never wholly living in light without darkness reminding us of it’s presence. Thankfully, we are never wholly living in darkness without light also reminding us of it’s presence.

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Face Like Flint

You have seen many people coming and going across the years of your life. Sometimes this makes sense and other times it doesn’t. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to those who stick close and those who drop off at the sides, but for you to carry on and to continue forward you must come to terms with the seasons of people alongside your life.

The first thing I would want you to know is just this: people will come and go and it won’t always be nice and pretty. Often, there is disillusionment and confusion. Those who were helping us get healthy can’t stay around once we are healthy. Those who encouraged you toward your goals all of a sudden have no interest to stay around once you reach them.

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To My Friends with the Poor Children

I see it everyday. Someone somewhere is calling for assistance for poor children. ‘POOR’ being the operative word.

I have little patience for this. Okay, I have no patience for this.

As a coach, as a prayer minister, as one trained to listen and trained to notice the words that we use I know that when we use such language we solidify and add to the curse of poverty over people.

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As a Woman, As a Mom

It is Mothers Day today. A day which always brings me to introspection and thoughts that I don’t think every other day of the year.

I am aware today of the many moms out there, my own Mom, my oldest daughter as she raises her two little boys, my sister and my sis-in-law, my friends and the many women whose stories I hear in the course of the work that I do.

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