There are things in this life you must do alone. These things always come with risk and demand from you, authenticity.

It is a job done singly because only you can journey to the depths of your being to find what is at the core. This is not another person’s job in the world. So don’t be waiting on anyone else.

It is risky because once you find what is at your core you will feel the burden to live it out loud, to bring it to life, to birth who you really are to the world.

Again, no one can do this for you. No one.

Authenticity is your task for you, theirs is for them, mine is for me, you get the picture.

While much of life is done with others, the things that belong only to you, the core of who you are, must be lived out as you, by you, because of you. There is no way around this.

You cannot wait for someone else to live your life.

Of course, there are those equipped to help you, to give a hand, to embolden and encourage you.

Find a friend who has walked a more authentic path and ask them how they did it. You might look for a mentor who is a few steps or years ahead of yourself and see if they might spur you on with challenge. You may even hire a life coach, one trained to take you deep and help you unearth and make sense and harness what you find.

Yet, at the end of the day, you must truly want, for yourself, a greater degree of authenticity and of life.

You probably have around you, perhaps right this minute, others who would cheer you on to greater things. But this won’t do it for you necessarily. If you don’t want it for yourself you will not get it. There is just too much required to try and force anything based on another’s resolve. It won’t work.

You must take up the spade of your own life and begin the digging. What might you unearth?

I’ll tell you one thing, in order to walk into authenticity for yourself and in this world you must, yes you must, stop criticizing and despising (you know, that attitude that is against others), what others are doing and the success that they are having.

This, above all else, is the tell-tale sign that you are not living your authentic self.

When the success of others irritates you such that you must bad-mouth them or speak ill, deriding and mocking what they are about, be sure to know you are not yet your authentic self.

When we haven’t found it for ourselves we will bad talk those who have it. It is the knee-jerk gut response of fallen humanity. If we don’t have the courage in our own being we will bring down any who might.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, use your disdain for guidance of who you are to be in the world. The people you despise the most are the ones you are to be. If you hate creatives, guess what, you are probably a creative.

If you hate leaders, well honey, you are probably a leader way down deep. If environmentalists tick you off the most, you just may be one of them. And so on.

Look deep, ask hard questions, come to that point in time where instead of bashing on others you begin to take responsibility for your life. I can give a secret. The moment you change your focus from others to self, in this area of authentic responsibility, you won’t find yourself so angry anymore.

There won’t be any energy going to ‘them’ and you can use it to live your own authentic life.

The other good news is that this can begin at any time and at any age. We simply put down our weapons against this world and all who are in it, and we turn our swords into plows and we get on with the work.

What most draws you? Where do your passions lie? For what would you gladly get up for every single day for the rest of your life?

What is your story?

What might you want your story to be?

Commit to your own best life. If you haven’t already started, start now.

One thought

  1. Dear Cyndy I Am So Happy Of Your Good CCIM materials, they are real so spiritual, this is good to know that i can make it my seld and no one can do it for me. By God’s trust i can make it I am blessed again to be recieving material of CCIM i have been missing them in the bible training ministry but i thank God that i still have the old materials and i teach them in different places though the school makes me busy but i try the near by churches as i use step out in faith materials also and what God tells me to the parcefic place. I thank God because ccim empowered me in ministry, your part of my spiritual life growing. May God bless you and bond us more. Hope to recieve you in uganda again this year. God is great Praise lawben

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