You’ve been working hard. You’ve chosen how you will spend your time and your life and you are working to remain faithful.

But you may be getting tired.

Your steam may be running low.

In this case, it may be important to note the regular rhythms of work and passion and vision.

There are always times of cloud-shrouded uncertainty of task and days. This is really, really normal.

All important work will come to us in big ah-ha’s and grand expansive understanding. And then that very same work will drive us into small spaces as we put our heads down and get on with the next task in a list that seems quite long. And then, if this wasn’t bad enough, the very same work will have days, weeks even, when we cannot see right from left, up from down.

Work is hard, passion and vision are even harder.

To come to success, to come through greatness, we must be able to navigate dark days and ambiguous stretches of time. Staying the course is vital. Tenacity must become your best friend.

Go forward not by sight but by vision. Sight is of the eyes, vision is of the heart. When your eyes cannot see your hand in front of your face, tap into the heart of the matter, and stay the course.

What was the last thing on your to-do list? Do that thing.

What are others waiting for from you? Take care of that thing.

What might be that one thing that would move all else forward? Reach to make that happen.

You won’t always know where you are on the map. What is past may seem a figment of your imagination (even though it is not). The future is unknown and to all true accounts, precarious.

Finding your footing in the here and now can take great reserves of mental fortitude, a soul’s great courage, and an iron will that defies fear.

But you don’t need to see all the way down the path. You only need to choose how to place your next step. That is it. Only the next step.

Do this once and you can do it a hundred times.

The steps, in this way, will sort themselves out. The path will become clear once more. You must only journey round the bend, or over the top of the hill, or down through and past the fog.

At the end of the days of your life you will find a great journey traversed. Mountains will have been climbed. Depths will have been forged. Swamps will have been surpassed.

And, if fortunate, you will have made a path by which many others might follow and find life a little more glad.

Know that ambiguity is a normal part of every great journey. Don’t let it scare you off. Don’t back down just because you can’t see your hand in front of your face. When the path can’t be seen carry on in the strengths of one step at a time.

It’ll take you to clear vistas and wide horizons.

Be blessed in the journey.

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