The Strength to Journey Far

You’ve been working hard. You’ve chosen how you will spend your time and your life and you are working to remain faithful.

But you may be getting tired.

Your steam may be running low.

In this case, it may be important to note the regular rhythms of work and passion and vision.

There are always times of cloud-shrouded uncertainty of task and days. This is really, really normal.

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An Easy Yoke

Where is the favor of God in your life?

There are many, many choices about vocation and life calling. There are many, many things that most of us are good at; things we have learned over the years and that if we really put in some effort we might well make a living at.

But where is the favor of God in your life?

And perhaps, just maybe, we might think a little bigger.

How might we make a life?

Going after the deepest passion of our being is a tricky thing. It takes some time to figure it out, and it takes some courage to say it out loud.

But the favor of God, noticing it, following it, seeing where it is and where it is not, helps us along the way.

Where are the most open doors, where are doors closing?

The favor of God is marked by his finger in the mix of our lives. It’s the places where the Holy Spirit breathes through our ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Where is this for you? Where might you like this to be?


Setting off in the ‘right’ direction begins by setting off – period. Just moving in some direction has us on the right path.

As we continue forward we begin to notice that some things work and some things don’t. While our human tendency is to struggle to make all things work, following the favor of God has us loosing off these things – they are markers on the path to what will be, after all.

We must be continual learners, never assuming we have arrived, we continue to follow well, taking cues, seeing reality clearly. All of it, points us in the direction that will work best for who each of us are. This we know. This we can trust.

Thanks Lord for your favor over our lives. Help us to pay attention and learn from you.

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” JESUS – Matthew 11:29-30