Called Out

Two women were heading to the worst part of the city to pray.  They had a few used purses filled with necessary items that they were going to give to the women living on the streets.  When they first arrived in this part of the city they spent the first while worshipping in a small church in the area.  This had been the habit of these women for some time.

At the end of this time of worship and as they were leaving the church a man came up to them and directed them, urgently pointing,  “You must call emergency services.  You must call emergency services, there is a man who has fallen down.” 

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No One Else will do it For You

There are things in this life you must do alone. These things always come with risk and demand from you, authenticity.

It is a job done singly because only you can journey to the depths of your being to find what is at the core. This is not another person’s job in the world. So don’t be waiting on anyone else.

It is risky because once you find what is at your core you will feel the burden to live it out loud, to bring it to life, to birth who you really are to the world.

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The Strength to Journey Far

You’ve been working hard. You’ve chosen how you will spend your time and your life and you are working to remain faithful.

But you may be getting tired.

Your steam may be running low.

In this case, it may be important to note the regular rhythms of work and passion and vision.

There are always times of cloud-shrouded uncertainty of task and days. This is really, really normal.

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A Road Worth Travelling

If you are a woman, you are beautiful. There is not a woman alive who does not carry the stunning beauty, a unique reflection of God.

But there are many who have tried to skirt around this, avoid it, deny it, destroy it even.

Who has tried to destroy your beauty?

Others maybe. Yourself perhaps. Most likely both.

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Doing it Right

If you are doing it right, the things you are about are way bigger than you. Risking forward you have found yourself out beyond your depth. Not too far beyond, but enough to remind you of your humanness and your frailty on a daily basis.

In this your strength is increasing, your muscles are developing, your savvy is being fine-tuned, your wisdoms are coming into their own, strategy is grounding you, yet, out of your depth you will feel your weakness. This, is exactly right and okay. For here, in the smack-dab-middle of something much bigger than you is where the magic happens.

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Face Like Flint

You have seen many people coming and going across the years of your life. Sometimes this makes sense and other times it doesn’t. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to those who stick close and those who drop off at the sides, but for you to carry on and to continue forward you must come to terms with the seasons of people alongside your life.

The first thing I would want you to know is just this: people will come and go and it won’t always be nice and pretty. Often, there is disillusionment and confusion. Those who were helping us get healthy can’t stay around once we are healthy. Those who encouraged you toward your goals all of a sudden have no interest to stay around once you reach them.

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The Long-Haul of Excellence

Now that you have found what you are about it is time to settle into a rhythm of excellence.

Of course, you already know about excellence on a lot of levels, it is after all what got you to where you are today.

I am pretty sure that you are well versed in taking risks (the right kind of risks), are familiar with discipline and an ability to focus who you are (your particular skill and heart) to that thing outside and beyond yourself. And I am quite sure that you have worked to put many things behind you, laid at the sides, rested in bygone days; you are ready for all the future might hold for you.

So what do you do now?

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