I’ve scouted out the land. It’s big, wide, deep, daunting. But it beckons, calling out to be taken on, enjoyed and invested.

Much of it is unknown. Most of it actually. And yet, we’ve found a path. A small path, but a path nonetheless.

It is narrow but solid. Surprising but constant. There is faithfulness on this path. I am not afraid to take it.

(or perhaps I am – why else would I say this).

My backpack is on my back. My shoes are solid on my feet. Hat, scarf, sunglasses, water – all ready and at hand.

I’ll try to leave behind my generalities and ideologies. I’ll set down my defences and my judgements. I’ll shrug off bitterness as best I can. These things will weigh me down.

I cannot afford to take them on this journey.

I’m told that traversing a land brings everything down to it’s simplest essence. This is what I want. Not for anything external but for myself, deep down, brought to essence where courage meets the day.

And onward we go.

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