For the ones forging new things by heart and will and strength:


At the time of birthing we do not sit back but we engage more than we have ever engaged before.


We KNOW there is a new life about to arrive. And we give that new life a hand.


It’s a uniquely personal journey. Though there may be help all around. It is still and uniquely the momma’s job to do the work.

No one else will do it for her.

No one.


And so, she rises to the task. Even when she doesn’t think she can. As we all know though – she can do it.


Everything will be okay. But it iiil take work to get there. Much effort. A lot of focus. Some tears.


A profound privilege for the one chosen to bear new life. Don’t shirk back. Give it all you’ve got. You are doing great.

No One Else will do it For You

There are things in this life you must do alone. These things always come with risk and demand from you, authenticity.

It is a job done singly because only you can journey to the depths of your being to find what is at the core. This is not another person’s job in the world. So don’t be waiting on anyone else.

It is risky because once you find what is at your core you will feel the burden to live it out loud, to bring it to life, to birth who you really are to the world.

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Heart, Will, & Risk

To any successful project there are three key ingredients: heart, will, risk.

HEART is the desire and the enthusiasm for something. It is the initial ‘yes’ that comes from our gut. When we have heart for a project we are motivated and inspired to come alongside. We recognize something in the project that blesses us, and we want to see how we might bless the project.

WILL is where, after heart, we begin to put some effort in. Will is all about prioritizing and giving space in our lives for what our heart is wanting. We make decisions differently when we have the will for something. Our choices reflect our will.

Sometimes our Heart and Will do not line up. When this is the case, we default to our will. Will wins the day. We might have heart for something, but without will, we actually don’t have anything. Will proves our heart.

Then comes RISK. To go the second mile with anything, requires risk. Period. To go after something demands that we put some part of our life aside, that we risk. Going after the unknown demands that we let go of at least a small part, of the known. And this takes risk.

When we combine heart, will & risk we come up with an unstoppable combination. There is not much that can undo such a tri-fold braid.

Heart is easy. There are so many things to get excited about. But heart won’t get us through the hard spots, and it won’t even keep us focused through the required tasks that any project entails.

Will is not so hard to come up with. We all have it after all. The hardest part of will is determining if we are focusing our will towards the right project. It is way to easy to put good effort into the wrong thing.

Heart and will are sealed in risk. Make a hard choice or two, go after that thing you’ve been thinking about for awhile, put something at risk for becoming better – and you just might have something that you can follow, and that others can follow as well.

Lead the way, lead your own life, with heart, will, and risk. Go ahead, inspire us.