The Lord changes us. When we come to the end of self-effort we take a risk to settle into the power of Christ to in fact transform and make all things new.

For years now, like skipping stones over the landscape of my soul, there have been moments, situations, circumstances that required I be stronger and wiser than I was. It was during those times that I learned to simply rest and wait in the presence of God for new clarity, fresh stamina, renewed capacity. And EVERY SINGLE TIME God works on me from the inside out and I am equipped and grown into what is necessary yes, but even more so, who I so desire to be.

In these instances I do nothing other than admit my need that I cannot manufacture and sit and rest, remaining in, the presence of God.

It is a sweet spot. With all of what cannot seem to be on one hand and all of God’s power flowing through me on the other hand, with me in the middle waiting to see what will come of it all.

I’m always pleasantly surprised.

The gospel is not a self-help message. It’s not a get-your-shit-together and we will see how well we get along. It’s not a country club for the wealthy or the have-it-togethers.

The gospel is an invitation into relationship with the most high God.

It’s an intimate place of give and take, of push-back and calling forth, of trial and error.

It’s a call into life, real life, abundant life, messy life, authentic life.

It’s not about rules or principles per se, its about a person, the person of Jesus Christ who reveals to us His Father. Who Jesus was and is, what he did and did not do, reveals to us God. In all His glory and His simplicity.

So if you are needing some transformation today. If there are parts of who you are that you know are not up to the task ahead. If you require new strengths and fresh ways of thinking and seeing the world. Then all you must do is simply sit alongside God the Father and Jesus Christ his son (there is a spot for you right between them – they’ve been reserving it for you), then welcoming our Holy Spirit to hover, to encompass, and to freshen.

You won’t remain the same. No one does who dares to enter the presence of God. It’s what grace is all about. Grace (Jesus Christ himself) touches us and we are changed. Simple as that.

And if anyone you know is making the gospel more complicated than that, pay them no mind.

Rest in the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ today.

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