God in All

I am remembering today:

God is the God of open doors,

God is the Lord of the harvest,

God is the author of collaboration and partnership.

God makes a way where there is no way,

He is The Way,

And God entrusts us with His heart and His way.

God brings all things to good timing,

God’s timing is perfect.

God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts,

God’s ways are higher than our ways.

God loves us,

God loves me,

God loves you.

We are enough because He is enough and He lives in us,

And God’s light shines out through our lives, once we stop trying to fix the cracks.

So Much to Give

I am constantly amazed by the connections of my past experiences with the requirements of my current work.

About twelve weeks ago I was requested by one of our indigenous pastor families in India a resource and Biblical references to assist them with the men in their congregation. Here is the exact request:

“Sister I need a study or a sermon on husband and wife relationship according to Bible or marital life with Christ because in our church we have many broken families. Women are hard working and their husbands are fully drunkards and they beat their wives like anything. Kindly I need a sermon like how they can change their husbands…..”

It took me some time to finish this material. I worked on it in bits and parts, due mostly to the necessity to write in the Spirit of our Lord, to check and double check what I was saying and its accuracy against scripture, and in terms of truly being in service to men who are caught in patterns of spousal abuse.

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Resting in God Today

The Lord changes us. When we come to the end of self-effort we take a risk to settle into the power of Christ to in fact transform and make all things new.

For years now, like skipping stones over the landscape of my soul, there have been moments, situations, circumstances that required I be stronger and wiser than I was. It was during those times that I learned to simply rest and wait in the presence of God for new clarity, fresh stamina, renewed capacity. And EVERY SINGLE TIME God works on me from the inside out and I am equipped and grown into what is necessary yes, but even more so, who I so desire to be.

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Seven Signs of a Good Leader

1. Good leaders make way for others. Good leaders do not have to have the last word and they don’t even need to have full self expression in the context of conversations. Good leaders do not bully their perspectives forward and they are always aware of the softer spoken individuals in a room ensuring that these ones have a chance to speak.

2. Good leaders understand that leadership is about opening up safe spaces for others and this is best accomplished by keeping their own mouths shut far more than they are naturally inclined. This requires a commitment to deep listening for the purpose of understanding and not necessarily responding; good leaders have this.

3. Good leaders do not ignore the elephant in the room. Where there is discrepancy within relationships they speak of these with candour but without condemnation. But they do speak. To leave an elephant in the room is to deal in dishonesty. Good leaders don’t do this. For while it may be a short term plan to avoid tough conversation a good leader has an eye to long term working relationships and solutions and knows that the unspoken is a threat to any true authenticity.

4. Good leaders know that leading is more about character and less about what one knows. One can be brilliant in one’s field but without character that takes others into account the brilliance goes to waste. Without wisdom to apply knowledge pride and arrogance take hold and people are hurt left and right. Leaders may be ‘right’ but good leaders have put aside their need to be right.

5. Good leaders are able to learn from those they do not agree with. Good leaders know they are not the only expert in the room and they actively look to understand things that seem foreign to them but familiar to others. Having settled their own insecurities some years earlier good leaders can receive from all people and in this they lead the way to richness of diversity, richness of thought, and richness of communion around common problems and solutions.

6. Good leaders allow those around them, those they’ve known a long time even, to excel and surpass even their own skill and influence. Weak leaders have unspoken rules and barriers around who can become better than them, good leaders don’t have this. Good leaders celebrate the achievements of others. Good leaders make space for their protege to surpass them and good leaders learn to receive from these ones they once taught.

7. Good leaders leave their ego’s at the door. Solid in who they are, no longer striving to make up for or to cover over inadequacies and insecurities, good leaders are gracious and make way for others. Good leaders know that there is no contest and that we all win when one of us wins. Good leaders stand in compassion and understanding and out of this everyone around them becomes a better person.

A Glad Heart

It is each of our responsibilities to nurture a glad heart within ourselves.

A glad heart is a barometer and its also a buffer.

A glad heart tells us when we are being true to ourselves or when we are not.

A glad heart is the oil of life that makes living sweet.

Without a glad heart we become brittle and even caustic.

Without a glad heart our words and our manner no longer bless others and our favour on earth becomes lost.

Everything begins to dry up and atrophy.

We want glad hearts.

We must nurture glad hearts.

First in ourselves, then in others.

This begins with the simple question, “What makes me glad?”

By what am I refreshed? Where do I find joy? How am I delighted?

Make your list – seriously.

Nurturing a glad heart requires a commitment on the one who owns the heart and it requires intentionality to care for said heart.

It’s not something you can be without this year.

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Three Days Only

Next week, for three days I’ll be making myself available for complimentary coaching, consulting or prayer ministry sessions.

  • Coaching – If you want to reach to that next level but you are not sure how
  • Consulting – If you are requesting expertise and advice taken from my own experience and journey
  • Prayer Session – If you need someone to lead you into deeper freedom through prayer

I am making these sessions available to 12 individuals on a first come, first served basis.

  • Wednesday, January 15th, room for 4 sessions; 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Thursday, January 16th, room for 4 sessions; 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm – PST
  • Friday, January 17th, room for 4 sessions; 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm – PST

Each session will be for one-hour.

Again, this opportunity is on a first come first served basis so if you are interested please contact me below and let me know:

1. What kind of session you would like, coaching, consulting, or prayer

2. Best day and time for a session

3. Second best day and time for a session

4. And a brief summary of what kind of help you are looking for; what do you want to go away with. 

I look forward to speaking with and serving you.

NOTE: All sessions are kept in the strictest confidence.

My Year in Review

I’m thinking about the things that stand out to me as I look back at my 2013 year. Here is my list so far:

– We welcomed a new baby grandson into the family – I love babies
– I packed up house and home in order to focus on international ministry – now I have two homes… how did that happen?
– At CCI we slogged through all the financial requirements to go forward on strong footing – thanks team!
– We found out that tens of thousands are being blessed by the Capturing God’s Heart volumes that I regularly post – speechless
– I made a trip to Mozambique – was amazing
– My children made many big movements this year as they each took hold of their lives – I’m so proud of them
– I got to sleep under thatched roofs in Africa – tickled pink!
– I got to attend church under a mango tree – a true delight
– I had open sky showers in Mozambique – stunning to say the least
– I wrote and wrote and wrote – and then wrote some more
– I led a trial group through my material Walking in Spiritual Authority – with success
– I learned to sleep on floors and benches – on the floor at JFK airport in New York, on a bench at Johannesburg in South Africa, on a bench at the train station in Mozambique, and on mats on dirt floors in Mozambique villages – something bold and daring about it all
– I prayed with my Pastor friend in Pakistan after the church bombing in Peshawar / I prayed alongside another friend directly impacted by the attacks in the mall in Nairobi – lives changed forever
– I was changed forever by eight weeks of interaction I had with a young man in Pakistan as he came to know God and how that impacted his life – there are no words
– I’ve been blessed more than can be told by the many, many individuals from around the world with whom I’m privileged to do life alongside – profound thanks to each of you

– My own focus was narrowed down and fine tuned, I stopped doing all that I wasn’t to be doing – phew!

– AND as we turn the corner into 2014 we celebrate Capturing Courage Int’l being 5 years old.

Needless to say, its been a good year. The future is now