Each one of us bear a burden, a passion, a compelling within our beings. this bearing is meant to birth something for others. But for this to happen we must not push away the bearing or give up in the waiting. The waiting time is the investment time. waiting proves our motives and our love, while it also increases the power of the bearing.

If we want to see miracles and transformations in this world then we must take on a bearing for that thing. This is an investment of soul and personal energy, and we must be able to then wait, bearing and investing still, until the time is right to begin harvesting all that was sown.

The sowing is not about being ‘out there’ planting, sowing is the hard work done in our innermost places that builds our capacity to hold a strong space for others, a transformative space for others. this sowing is done in secret and in silence.

Only after the allotted time will this quiet investment come forward through time and intersect our reality here on earth with a harvest that then becomes easy to bring in.

We are changed not because the time is now right, necessarily, but because we’ve participated in bearing a passion for years on end, unbeknownst to others and oft-times even unbeknownst to us.

For those who have lived great difficulties this process has already been happening within them. It is why those with hard lives, difficulty woven in, often go on to do the best stuff.

For those who have not had inherent difficulty that one must willingly choose and take on a burden to bear. That one must enter into difficulty and in this way go on to make a difference in this world.

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