It is July 1st. Some months back I had thought that come this time I would be in Uganda. But as the time approached there was simply no clarity regarding the multiple details that would have to come into place and I soon (although perhaps not soon enough) realized that I was not to be in Uganda in what is my home-time season of summer.

I needed to be home in the early parts of September and so this detail set into place the only other possible time to make this three month trip to Uganda. We began thinking and planning toward mid-September to mid-December.

Since determining this the pieces are falling into place in a mighty way. It is the same every time I take a ministry trip. Before the right timing there is little clarity. With the right timing there is complete clarity. It is one of the way the Lord leads us.

I’ve experienced this multiple times with other situations and circumstances through the years. Movement of any kind requires a sensitivity to what is working and what is not, where can we see the pieces coming together and when do we not?

Of course, working life like this, where we wait on the Lord and where we wait until the time seems right, requires waiting. And waiting is hard. But it is so worth it. So I don’t know today how many of you may be waiting on something but I encourage you to stay the course and go forward as things fall into place.

Rushing and pushing ahead never results in any good thing. I know because this is the way I used to do life many years ago. In our impatience and lack of understanding we can ruin many good things.

And as I’ve written many times before, there are things learned in the waiting that cannot be learned at any other time. There are transitions and growth in our character that can not be had but through waiting. And the things we learn while we wait are absolutely necessary to our skill set as we are finally walking through past the waiting.

Learn the things you need to learn in the waiting. Allow the pressure of waiting to grow you. Settle into the here and now. Surrender the future and then sit back and enjoy the wonder as the future comes together.

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